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Business VoIP Solutions

Find the right hosted communications solution for your business's unique needs.

Find the right hosted communications solution for your business's unique needs.

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VoIP Communications Solutions for Every Business Need

Big or small, every business has to have a reliable, cost-effective communications solution. But at the same time, we at AVOXI understand that a truly effective solution is tailored to the needs of your business.

No matter what industry you are in or what size business you are running, AVOXI has cloud-based business VoIP solutions that fit your business requirements and communication needs.

VoIP Solutions by Business Need

With the continuing shift to cloud-based solutions, the ability to integrate with systems already in place is a key differentiator for AVOXI. From adding VoIP numbers to existing PBX systems to building out a hybrid solution to incorporate VoIP technology and leverage significant cost savings for clients, AVOXI works with customers to ensure they have the most robust capabilities to meet their communications needs.

Virtual Phone Numbers

VoIP international calls deliver voice sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

Virtual Business Phone Numbers

Call Routing Software

Call routing software allows you to receive the same features of a private branch exchange (telephone switching system) without the hassle of having on-premise equipment and systems.

Call Routing Software

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an inexpensive way to receive the same features of a private branch exchange (telephone switching system), without the hassle of having on-premise equipment and systems.

Cloud-Hosted PBX

Virtual Call Center

Hosted in the cloud, a virtual call center leverages cloud technology instead of depending on equipment and systems at a physical location.

Virtual Call Center

Call Forwarding Service

Set up call forwarding from phone numbers around the world. Keep your existing number or choose new local or toll free numbers for forwarding from any of 120+ countries worldwide.

Business Phone Number Forwarding

VoIP Solutions by Business Size

With ongoing expansion across the globe, AVOXI makes sure that we meet the demand of businesses of all sizes from small to mid-size to enterprise. Consumer goods and distribution segments vary in size and typically have multiple communication business demands such as contact center operations leveraging the benefits of a virtual call center solution. Combined with the call center, they require multiple virtual phone numbers in specific geographies to enable partners, providers, and customers to easily contact them.

Small to Medium-sized Business

Affordability is key for growing businesses local and global customers. See how AVOXI's simple and effective solutions serve the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.


Enterprise-class businesses have specific needs to address their growth and expansion demands. See how AVOXI's communication solutions provide the infrastructure to support and sustain business goals.

VoIP Solutions by Industry

For example, the hospitality industry typically requires an array of solutions to meet business requirements. AVOXI excels at integrating the technology and overlaying cost-effective solutions. Ranging from providing international toll free numbers to setting up the platform for a reservations center, we provide a comprehensive communications as a service (CaaS) solution to help organizations realize the desired results.


Learn how insurance agencies leverage cloud communications and call center software solutions to provide superior customer service and higher levels of availability.

Hospitality and Travel

Learn how businesses in the hospitality and travel industry leverage affordable VoIP phone rates and cloud-based solutions to cut costs and improve customer experience.

Consumer Goods / Retail

See how businesses in the consumer goods and retail industries use AVOXI solutions to meet their communication goals.

Equipment Sales and Rental

Learn how equipment sales and rental companies use VoIP communications to streamline operations and connect offices in multiple locations.

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