Can I Connect Securely to the AVOXI Platform Using TLS?

Can I Connect Securely to the AVOXI Platform Using TLS?

Absolutely! When integrated with the AVOXI Platform, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol ensures a secure phone connection to your contact center or legacy PBX environment. 

Our intuitive platform has the unparalleled reach, simplicity, and reliability multinational businesses need to enrich their customer conversations while protecting their voice infrastructure. 

Your voice packets are moving over the internet, read on to learn what you need to secure them on the AVOXI Platform using TLS protocol. 

What You Need to Secure Your Voice Service

To properly secure your contact center voice stack, you’ll need the following: 

  • AVOXI Platform Account
  • TLS/SSL Certificate
  • Session Border Control (SBC)

All three requirements work together to ensure your phone calls stay protected from hackers and avoid costly business disruptions. 

1. AVOXI Platform Account

You can easily integrate your on-premise PBX or a third-party platform to the AVOXI Platform and enable SIP calling. 

All you have to do to begin managing your call origination and termination are…

  1. Log in to the AVOXI Platform
  2. Configure your SIP Trunk
  3. Connect using the TLS protocol

It takes just a few minutes to set up. 

2. TLS/SSL Certificate

Configure and manage your TLS and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) on the AVOXI Platform. Together, these work to maximize media encryption security. 

TLS/SSL certificates are used for authentication and encryption for securing voice connections and may be required in your existing platform.

3. Session Border Control (SBC)

A certified SBC is required for SIP calling to protect your voice network from malicious traffic. 

On the AVOXI Platform, you can use your own SBC to connect with TLS or one will be provided for you. 


The AVOXI Platform Advantage

We provide our customers with a comprehensive solution of unparalleled reach, simplicity, and reliability to connect their contact centers with their global customers. 

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into the AVOXI Platform advantages, and explore how you can better streamline your business communications, improve security, and scale globally.

Voice Security

We take fraud seriously, which is why we provide advanced voice security features to make sure your network is always protected. 

  • Fraud Monitoring: Get 24/7 real-time fraud monitoring alerts and notifications identifying unusual activity from our platform system and in-house fraud control team.
  • Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA): Turn on MFA to receive push notifications using an authentication app or email for an extra layer of account protection. 


It’s easy to configure, customize, and scale your voice services for your existing on-premise PBX, CCaaS platforms, and Microsoft Teams. 

Covering 150+ countries worldwide, SIP trunking on the AVOXI Platform can help you reach customers far and wide. Even in hard-to-reach places like APAC, our platform enables you to instantly provision numbers.  

Global Expertise

Our team of global in-house telephony experts is here to help you whenever you need it. Serving multinational businesses with top-tier carriers, we understand the local regulations we reach. 

Receive hands-on configuration assistance for your account setup, SBC configuration and TLS protocol, porting, IVR, and more. You’ll also have on-demand resources in our digital Help Center and 24/7/365 access to our customer support team via phone, chat, or email. 

The AVOXI Platform Secures Your SIP Voice Using TLS

Ready to secure your SIP voice? Do so confidently on the AVOXI Platform. Start creating global inbound and outbound calling synergy across your contact centers knowing your voice is protected with transport layer security protocol. 

Scale your business into new markets by provisioning a business phone number. If you want to talk with a member of our global SIP team, contact us today. 

Buy Online

Start managing your calls within minutes when you buy your business phone numbers online. After your purchase, an AVOXI representative will contact you to confirm your account details and test your new phone number.


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