Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See how AVOXI is supporting thousands of international businesses, fueling their global communications and driving a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Case Studies


Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines Finds Contaxt Center Paradise with AVOXI's Global Commuications Platform


Kenneth Copeland Ministries

AVOXI Hits the Mark Where Others Fall Short


The BAT Group

BAT Group Leans on AVOXI to Modernize Communications with Seamless Path to Cloud

Notable Platform Reviews

Finding the right platform isn’t about us saying how valuable our platform is, but rather hearing it directly from those who are using it every day to manage their global communications. With high marks in software functionality, ease-of-use and notable customer service we’re always striving for the 5-star mark!





2021 Voice
Excellence Award
Contact Center
Emerging Favorite

Delivering an
Award-Winning Global Communications Platform

With notable recognition for our 20 years of global voice and messaging experience to our emerging solutions that are gaining adoption, AVOXI’s all-in-one platform delivers everything you need to successfully run and manage your global cloud communications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Easy to use, great customer support, and reasonable pricing that can be customized according to usage."
Patricia Neo
Hyatt Corp.
“In comparison to other similar services existing on the market AVOXI definitely makes a difference on every level.”
Capucine Golicheff
BNP Paribas
”The interface is easy to use and very user friendly, our teams required very little training to get started right away.”
Marco Rinalducci
Argos Assistance
"AVOXI makes it easy to add/remove user licenses, easy to set up call routing, virtual attendants and is very scalable without the need for large capital investments."
Andy Dao
Crown Worldwide
"AVOXI support and sales agents always take time and patiently walk us through our questions and issues. Unlike some providers who often just brushed off "silly" questions and don't bother to address each question or query raised."
Wey Jing Ho
World Link Communications

AVOXI Awards & Recognition

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