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DID vs Toll Free

DID vs Toll Free. Which is the right number for you? Find out the key differences in these numbers and their importance in international markets.

With the variety of numbers on the market today, we’re often helping our customers understand the difference between each of them. Calling specifications change depending on which type of number you choose so it’s important to understand the key features behind each type. Today we’re going to clear up some confusion and compare two of our most popular numbers, DID and Toll Free.


DID, also known as DDIs or virtual numbers, is a service called direct inward dialing. It is a local number for a specific country or city that can be purchased to work with your existing phone service. DID numbers work by transferring any calls that it receives to your personal line whether that’s VoIP, mobile or a landline. DIDs are popular for companies that want to give the appearance that they have a physical presence in a particular location. Callers in the area of your DID number will be charged the same as they would if they were calling any other local number.

Toll Free

A toll free number allows callers to reach a business without being charged for the call. Instead, the fee for the call is paid by business. Each individual toll free number is country-specific meaning that only people in the country where the number is based can call the business on that line. In the US, toll free numbers are easily recognizable. You know them as 1-800 numbers. However, US toll free numbers have expanded to include 1-888, 1-855,1- 844 and a few others. Abroad, the toll free numbers look a little different but they still serve the same purpose.

Now that we’ve explained the difference between these two numbers, it’s easy to see how both of them could be useful for an international audience. Use the information above to help you choose the number that will work best for you and your customers.

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