International vs Domestic Toll Free: Domestic Toll Free Number Guide

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As the top provider of international and domestic toll free numbers worldwide, customers often ask us about the differences between these two types of numbers. Today, we’ll clear up any confusion. Topics covered include:

  • What is a domestic toll free number?
  • The differences between international vs domestic toll free numbers.
  • Which countries use domestic toll free numbers.
  • When and where domestic toll free service is best for your business.

If you are trying to find out how to get an international or domestic toll free number for your business, check out our toll free 800 numbers page. Setting up toll free numbers is quick and easy.

International vs Domestic Toll Free Numbers

A toll free number is simply a phone number where the owner is charged for all incurring calls rather than the caller. Many countries use both “domestic” toll free numbers (DTF) and “international” toll free service (ITFS). Domestic toll free numbers usually have fewer restrictions and lower costs associated with them than their international counterparts. However, in most countries, there is no noticeable difference between an international or domestic toll free number for the caller.

Which Countries Use Domestic Toll Free Numbers?

While most countries have both international and domestic toll free services, there are only a few countries where the difference is extremely important. The distinction between international vs domestic toll free numbers is very important in the following:


In the Philippines, domestic toll free numbers can only be dialed from the Globe network, while ITFS can only be reached from the Sun and Smart cellular networks. Most companies will buy both types of toll free numbers for full coverage in the Philippines.


In Japan, domestic toll free 0120 numbers are recommended. Japanese domestic toll free numbers have no mobile restrictions. ITFS numbers are handled by many different regulators and carriers with different restrictions, making them less reliable.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, mobile access for ITFS numbers (0800 dial-code) are blocked by default. This is not the case with DTF numbers (0809 dial-code). However, New Zealand domestic toll free numbers are generally more expensive than their alternative. In addition, providers like AVOXI usually disable the default mobile restrictions associated with ITFS numbers before providing them to customers. For this reason, traditional 0800 numbers are still the most preferred toll free number type for most businesses in New Zealand.


In Singapore, all foreign companies are assigned ITFS numbers, recognized by the ‘800’ dial-prefix. Companies based in Singapore use domestic toll free numbers, recognized by the ‘1-800’ dial-code. However, there is no difference in functionality between these numbers.

Other Noteworthy Regions

  • Brazil: DTF numbers cannot be reached from outside of Brazil.
  • South Korea: ITFS numbers (003 dial-code) are not portable. South Korea DTF numbers (0809 dial-code) are recommended for full coverage in the country.
  • Taiwan: ITFS numbers (801 dial-code) cannot be accessed from the KG Telecom Network. Taiwan DTF numbers (0800 dial-code) are recommended for full coverage in the country.

Have Questions About Domestic Toll Free Numbers?

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