How to Call India: Dialing India Numbers from the US

Calling abroad isn’t always easy. Not only are phone numbers formatted in a variety of different ways, every phone number has its own specific dialing requirements.

In this post, we’ll explore how to reach one specific type of number. We’ll show you how to call India from the US and explore ways that, as a business, your customers can more easily contact your company. Below you'll find info on how to dial India from the US.

How To Call India from the US

There are many reasons why so many incoming calls are being delivered to India. Not only is it an international business hub, India is home to a number of call centers and businesses. This means customers around the world are frequently calling this location.

How to Call India Toll Free Number From US

Calling an India phone number from the United States requires a few more steps than it would if you were calling a local phone number. You’ll start by dialing an exit code so your phone call leaves this country. Do this by dialing 011.

Next, you’ll need to dial the country code for India, which is 91. After that, you’ll need to get more specific with your selection. After that, you can enter the actual phone number you’re trying to reach.

How to Call from US to India (Local)

Dial the USA exit code (011) so your phone call leaves this country. Then, dial India's country code (91). After that, you'll need to dial the local area code for the location you’re trying to reach. This number is typically between 2 and 4 numbers. For example, New Delhi is 11, Bombay is 22, Kanpur is 512 and Poona is 212. After that, you can enter the rest of the phone number.


How to Call India from Outside India

In order to call India from another country, you'll need to know your county's exit code. The following are some exit codes from a few countries:

Dial India from Canada:

(Exit Code: 011) + (India Country Code: 91) + Phone Number

Dial India from Mexico:

(Exit Code: 00) + (India Country Code: 91) + Phone Number

Dial India From China:

(Exit Code: 0) + (India Country Code: 91) + Phone Number

Dial India From Australia:

(Exit Code: 0011) + (India Country Code: 91) + Phone Number

Dial India From Singapore:

(Exit Code: 001) + (India Country Code: 91) + Phone Number

Alternatives to an India Phone Number

If you're in India and your US customers have a hard time reaching you, or you’re just looking for a cost-effective alternative to your India phone number, a US toll free number might be something to consider. This phone number works like any phone number that your US customers would be used to dialing locally, so they'll know exactly how to dial the number.  They won't have to dial any other dialing codes since technically, according to the phone, it's considered a local call.

A US toll free number is also is a cost-effective option for you as a business. This type of phone number is offered through numerous providers at a variety of different price points. Typically, this phone number is also offered with a variety of must-have calling features, like call recording and call forwarding. Features like this can also help you effectively manage your calls.

How to Dial to India

As a business, it’s important to make sure that your customers can successfully reach you for assistance or to purchase additional products or services. Because of this, you need to inform your customers on how to call your India phone number. Otherwise, they won’t be able to reach you. If those steps become an issue for your callers, consider purchasing a US toll free number that your customers can easily dial and connect with you.

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