Top 5 Tips to Motivate Call Center Agents & Boost Call Center Morale

call center motivation tips

Looking for the best ways to motivate call center agents? As a call center manager, it’s your job to make sure that your agents stay productive and motivated. We all know that working in a call center can be demanding and difficult, so agent motivation is an important topic to focus on in order to ensure call center efficiency. To help you and your team, we’ve highlighted the best ways to motivate call center agents, boost call center morale, and increase retention of your team.

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1. Use Rewards and Recognition for Your Call Center Team

A solid incentive program is a must-have if you want to keep call center agents motivated for the long term. This can be done through rewards programs, company recognition, and monetary incentives. Giving incentives such as gift certificates, lunches, movie passes, etc. are one way to reward a job well done. There are plenty of non-monetary ways to keep agents motivated, too. A great call center rewards program includes: 

  • A mix of individual and team-based goals
  • A combination of monetary and non-monetary rewards
  • Goals that are well within an employees ability to control 
  • Rewards that are not insulting or childish-- this can cause a decrease in productivity and morale

Best Non-Monetary Call Center Rewards

  • Preferential scheduling
  • Extended and/or preferential lunch breaks
  • Additional vacation time
  • VIP parking spaces 
  • Public recognition

Top Call Center Employee Recognition Ideas

  • Highlight on social media
  • Feature exception agents on your company website
  • Shout-out in a company meeting or newsletter
  • Company-wide congratulatory emails
  • Certificates or commendations
  • Company celebrations

2. Create Career Paths in Your Call Center

Without a path of development, it’s easy for call center agents to feel stagnant with little optimism for the future. Be sure to promote from within as much as possible, as at shows your staff that top performers are noticed, appreciated, and that they have the ability to take their career to new levels. Ensure that your staff has career development plans in place so they understand what skills and results are required to take the next steps in their career.

Examples of Call Center Career Paths


  • Customer Service Representative / Agent
  • Customer Support Representative / Agent


  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Product Expert

Managerial and Supervisor:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Team Supervisor


  • Chief Customer Officer (CCO)
  • VP of Customer Success

3. Audit Your Training and Coaching Style

Help new hires and current agents stay motivated through regular training and coaching sessions. Maintaining a solid training program allows your agents to know that you’re invested in their career and skill development and helps your team learn and be more effective on the job. Giving these resources to your agents will boost performance and motivated them to do their best for a company that values them.

Methods of training include one on one agent training, mentor training, e-learning, and more. The more personal the style of training, the better-- shy away from e-learning and classroom training will have less engagement than one-on-one training.

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4. Maintain a Positive Environment

As a manager or supervisor, it is critical to take the steps needed to set the right tone in the office. Show up to work with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to motivate and keep your team optimistic. Create a positive work culture through making the office an inviting environment, keeping it clean and well-managed. Encourage your agents to decorate their workspace with personal photos, figurines, and any other items that will make them more comfortable within their workspace, and foster relationships throughout your staff through team lunches and activities that boost morale.

Yes, we know it sounds a little silly, but small things make a big difference when it comes to improving your call center environment. Having plants, natural lighting, extra places to sit, snacks, and other features in your office help boost employee happiness.

5. Set Attainable, Clearly Defined Goals

Nothing is more frustrating than ambiguous or unattainable goals-- this causes confusion and discouragement among staff, who will find it hard to give their best for a goal they don’t fully understand or even feel is possible. Transparency is key here-- let your call agents know why they are given tasks and the objective or goal behind it. To prevent overwhelming call agents, set up small, attainable goals that lead to bigger overall goals, which allows your agents to see their progress and growth.

How AVOXI Can Help

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