International Phone Numbers for Better Global Communications

International Phone Numbers for Better Global Communications Infographic

From insufficient and time-consuming number mapping to limited number types and coverage with inflated costs– these are just a few of the challenges straining the global presence of contact centers. 

So how do you correct the course to support efficient global communications? By incorporating best practices to build an international phone number footprint that is…

  1. Optimized to expand your reach
  2. Cost-effective 
  3. Easy to manage numbers and voice providers

It’s time to enhance your communications using cloud voice and better connect with your customers. The infographic below looks at scaling your footprint through number types, phone number use cases, and what to consider around number costs and more. 

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International Phone Numbers
for Better Global Communications

Efficient communications are at the heart of global contact center operations. As the demand for business expansion and connectivity increases, traditional on-premise infrastructure and contact center systems voice services can’t keep up. 

So what can you do to enhance your voice service and reach your global customers?

What's Your Call Strategy Combination?


Inbound Calling

...or Call Origination


Outbound Calling

...or Call Termination


How you coordinate your contact center initiatives will help scale your global voice and determine your international and local phone numbers.

Because They're More Than a String of Digits.

Your phone numbers facilitate customer connections and drive business results.
right numbers are waiting for you.


International Toll-Free

0800 and 1800 numbers that customers can dial free of charge from one country to another.


Local DID

City-specific phone numbers that ring directly to a business phone line without needing an extension, bypassing the menu and call queues.


Local Presence Dialing

Country- and city-specific phone numbers where you can receive calls and make calls that display a local area code when dialing out.



Numbers that are free to dial using a country code and allow customers to call in - from 60+ countries identified and regulated by the International Telecommunication Union - on a single phone number.



Phone numbers that are not tied to a specific city but to a country as a whole.



Local or toll-free numbers that spell out memorable words or a phrase related to your business’s branding.



Voice- and SMS-supported cell phone numbers but in the cloud.


International Toll-Free also known as International Toll-Free Service (ITFS); Direct Inward Dial (DID) also known as (Direct Dial In) DDI;
Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN); Non-Geographic also known as National Numbers

How to Use Number Types

International and local phone numbers serve many purposes in your business. See the use cases below and how to use them for your global voice communications.

  • International Toll-Free

  • Give worldwide callers a simple way to reach your business without being charged.

  • Expand your presence to a new country.

  • Local DID

  • Send callers directly to the agent or department they want to speak to.

  • Establish a local presence in a city without a physical office space.

  • Local Presence Dialing

  • Increase global answer rates using local caller ID.

  • Call customers and have them call back using the same number.

  • Build brand awareness and customer trust through number familiarity.

  • UIFN

  • Give callers a single point of contact to reach your business without being charged.

  • Build brand awareness through a uniform phone line across several program countries.

  • Non-Geographic

  • Have a national presence for your business with or without having a physical presence.

  • Vanity

  • Provide an easy-to-remember number for marketing and advertising purposes.

  • Mobile

  • Give customers opportunities to communicate with you through voice and SMS.


International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulates the use of UIFN numbers in the countries that make up the program. Click here to view those countries.

Relative Costs of Your Phone Numbers

When building out your phone number footprint,
keep in mind the factors that affect your cost-per-call. These are…


Call Rates

Telephone connection transmission, long-distance calls and premium numbers, international plans and local calling determine cost-per-minute rates.


Local Market Norms

Government regulations and political climates can influence the cost value and demand for area phone numbers.


Number Types

Fees, minutes, rates, area codes, and inbound/outbound capabilities guide price.



Harder-to-obtain regions are generally more expensive.

There are several components that contribute to the cost of international numbers and local numbers. Working with a reliable voice partner with the inventory, call tools, and industry knowledge can help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Learn how in our eBook >

The Benefits
of Virtual Numbers are Clear.


Save Money

Budget and lower costs using virtual phone numbers instead of landlines.

Establish a Presence

Reach customers almost anywhere in the world with international and local number coverage.

Number Management

Consolidate voice providers and manage your phone numbers in a holistic view.

Simple to Scale

Easily provision phone numbers into your own environments.

Superior Call Quality

Reliable uptime for clear, high-quality audio for conversations between agents and customers.

End-to-End Encryption

Calls are secured with SIP protocols to aid cybersecurity measures from call origin to termination.

Make sure your communications are compliant in every country you do business. It’s how you can continue to support your global voice strategy.


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