Troubleshooting Problems with Sequential Ringing

Sequential ringing is one of the most popular VoIP features available for busy, global businesses.  This feature works by routing incoming calls in a specific order based on a predetermined list of phones and numbers.  This helps ensure that incoming calls are always answered because the call will ring through the list of numbers selected until someone answers.

But despite its popularity, customers can sometimes experience problems with sequential ringing.  In this article, we’ll explore three issues you may experience with this VoIP feature and ways that you can address these problems.

Incoming calls are bypassing a phone in the sequence

Sequential ringing works by routing your calls through a list of phones in a specific order until the call is answered.  But if you’re find that a certain phone or number is being bypassed in the chain, it’s important to address this.

Although it sounds simple, it might be possible that you haven’t set this number up correctly in your settings.  Your first step should always be to review and confirm that the current configuration is correct.

Another problem could be that the phone is outside of a service area and not accepting incoming calls.  Double check your phone to make sure it’s working correctly and has service.

Incoming calls only ring to one phone

Sequential ringing is a feature that needs to be activated and set up in order to work.  So if incoming calls are only ringing to one phone, you probably haven’t enabled this VoIP feature.  Explore the backend settings of your system to toggle this feature and set the phones you’d like your calls to ring to.

If you are still having problems, contact your VoIP provider for additional support.

Incoming calls are ringing in the wrong order

You set your list of sequential ringing in a specific order for a reason. So if calls are ringing to the wrong phones, it’s important to address this immediately to keep your phone system as efficient as possible.

If you're experiencing this problem, your first step should be to check the current settings and ensure that all numbers are listed in the correct order. You'll also want to make sure that each phone has a strong service connection so they’re accepting incoming calls correctly.

Sequential ringing is an essential tool for businesses looking to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. The issue you may experience with sequential ringing are extremely minimal and easily alleviated. These problems should in no way deter you from utilizing this must-have feature.

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