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UIFN – Your Global Toll Free Number

Universal International Freephone Numbers provide a toll free numbers that can be reached globally, expanding your business prospects and availability.

Universal International Freephone Numbers

global toll free number - UIFNUIFN Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) are toll free numbers that can be dialed from multiple countries. Instead of having a different toll free number for each country, you can have one universal toll free number that works for anyone trying to reach your company.

Customers can reach your company from many countries around the world through your Universal International Freephone Number at no cost to them, expanding your business prospects and increasing your availability.

A UIFN is composed of a 3 digit country code (such as +800) followed by an 8 digit numerical code, resulting in an 11 digit toll free number. UIFN numbers can also come in the format of vanity numbers. For example, if your company sold key chains, your Universal International Freephone Number may be +800 KEYCHAIN. Vanity numbers are a great way for customers to easily remember your UIFN, and set your company apart from others.

Another feature that UIFN numbers offer is re-routing. This means that if a customer calls your UIFN and you are not at your desk, the phone call will be redirected to your mobile device, PBX system, or another office phone. Now you won’t miss a call no matter where you or your customers are located!

Setting Up Marketing Around Your Freephone Numbers

Freephone numbers offer a lot of capability to bring customers to your inbound campaigns, and to make your support lines accessible globally. There are some implementation details that you need to recognize when composing your marketing literature and online support or landing pages. For these details, be sure to review the article UIFN Misconceptions so that you'll be ready to take advantage of your new freephone numbers.

Rules and Restrictions for UIFN Numbers

Although UIFN numbers work well for many businesses, they come with some potential issues.

First, UIFN numbers are not available from as many countries as standard international toll free numbers. If you're hoping to get a UIFN number, be sure to tell your provider which countries you would like to target. If the countries you wish to market to do not have available UIFN numbers, you may want to stick with a standard toll free number.

In order to purchase a UIFN number, you also have to register it in at least two countries. However, this isn't usually a problem. After all, businesses purchase universal international freephone numbers so that they can receive calls from multiple countries.

UIFN numbers also tend to be more expensive than standard international toll free numbers. They require a one-time registration fee that can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas most international toll free numbers only require a modest setup fee, if that.

Lastly, UIFN numbers often come with restrictions that aren't imposed on international toll free numbers. For example, New Zealand toll free numbers can be dialed from all mobile phone networks, whereas UIFN numbers can only be dialed from Telecom New Zealand and Vodaphone's mobile networks.

Still Have Questions?

We understand that the rules, restrictions, and availability details of UIFN numbers can be a little confusing. If you still have questions, contact one of our VoIP specialists to learn more.