Voxbone (Bandwidth) Alternatives and Pricing Comparisons

Does Voxbone (Bandwidth) belong in your carrier network? What does Voxbone's pricing include, and what can you expect from them compared to similar alternatives? See how Voxbone's pricing, coverage, and services compare with our 2021 review.

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In the age of cloud migration, customers depend on a reliable partner that can provide international services and bring peace of mind. Like Voxbone, AVOXI supplied voice solutions for enterprise corporations and wholesalers. We’re often asked the same questions from businesses considering Voxbone as a carrier, and this article is intended to answer those questions. 

Voxbone is an established company with several valuable offerings. This article is to highlight common use-cases and suggest why one brand might be a better choice over the other. We want to steer you in the right direction and help you find a provider who can flawlessly deliver solutions that best fit your needs. Below, we’re reviewing Voxbone’s services in 2-way calling, SIP trunking, and wholesale programs and comparing them to our own.

What is Voxbone?

Voxbone is a Belgium-based provider of corporate communications and VoIP solutions. The company is a licensed national operator with 15 years of experience and an inbound number network covering 60+ countries. In additional to carrier services for enterprises and wholesale partners, Voxbone offers APIs for programmable voice & SMS solutions. The company is also a top provider of emergency calling services in Europe.

Voxbone solutions are designed for contact centers, corporate telephony, and embedded communications. Voxbone's inventory includes local, national, mobile, and toll free phone numbers in several countries. In 2021, Voxbone was acquired by Bandwidth. That has not led to major changes yet, though only time will tell how the acquisition affects Voxbone users going forward.

What is AVOXI?

AVOXI is a global communications platform for specializing in voice & cloud contact center solutions. No matter your platform, we provide reliable voice to extend your reach and keep you connected. Our platform makes it easy to connect to 170+ countries and manage your numbers in one place. In addition to our voice solutions, our users can provision user licenses to access outbound calling & contact center features. With 20 years of experience in international telecom, nobody makes it easier to do business wherever your customers are. 

2021 Voxbone Review (a Bandwith Company)

Context for the comparison tables they are about to see. Although plenty of overlap, assert that there are some clearcut use-cases that we each specialize in.

Voxbone's Key Differentiators

  • 2FA & Corporate SMS. With text-enabled numbers available worldwide, Voxbone is excellent for SMS solutions like 2FA and bulk campaign management. 
  • 2-Way Voice in Europe. Both companies offer 2 way voice with local caller ID in several regions around the world. Voxbone's strengths include their European coverage, while AVOXI has the advantage in Asia and Latin America. 
  • Dynamic APIs for Text & Video. While both companies offer phone number APIs ideal for resellers and partnerships, Voxbone currently offers SMS & video API functionality.
  • Emergency dialing (E911). Voxbone's North American coverage includes emergency calling for certain industries that that would like to keep their on-premise system but must take additional steps towards compliance. 

AVOXI's Key Differentiators

  • Unified Number Management. Our users manage phone numbers provisioned from AVOXI or other carriers from an intuitive unified communications platform. 
  • Global Number Coverage. Voxbone users have access to inbound numbers in 60+ countries, while AVOXI users can provision numbers from 170+ countries. AVOXI users choose their new numbers while Voxbone primarily uses random allocation. 
  • 2-Way Voice in Asia & Latin America. Trying to drive up answer rates with local voice? Voxbone has most of Europe covered, while AVOXI has the edge in Asia and Latin America. Notable gaps in Voxbone's local voice coverage include Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Thailand. 
  • Reduced Communications Costs. Voxbone users can cut their total cost of communications with AVOXI. More affordable international call rates, zero setup fees or minimum contracts, and less discretionary fees included with your service help AVOXI users reduce costs without sacrificing call quality or network reliability.
  • International Number Portability. Both companies offer international number porting and Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). However, AVOXI's team of experts can port phone numbers from regions that most providers simply can't. AVOXI customers can even get paid to port qualifying numbers to our network.

Voxbone vs. AVOXI

What are the top differences between Voxbone and AVOXI? The table below summarizes the key comparisons you should know. Additional details and takeaways are contained in the next section of this article. 

Voxbone AVOXI
2-Way Voice (Local CLI) Voxbone offers 2-way voice with local caller ID in 30+ countries. European coverage is their strength, with 25 countries included. AVOXI TrueLocal™ is available in 22+ countries. Coverage in Latin America and Asia is a key differentiator, especially in heavily-regulated regions like China.
2FA & SMS Campaigns Voxbone offers a wide range of mobile numbers and is a reliable partner for SMS solutions like 2FA. AVOXI offers text-enabled numbers in the US & Canada, including toll free texting. SMS is not currently available for numbers outside of North America.
Global Coverage Voxbone offers inbound numbers in 60+ countries. AVOXI offers inbound numbers from 170+ countries. Most number types are available for instant provisioning online.
Phone Number Management Enterprises with mid-to-high call volume seeking a collective solution for voice, phone systems, and internet services. Our users manage phone numbers provisioned from AVOXI or other carriers from an intuitive unified communications platform. 
Phone Number APIs Voxbone's offers phone number APIs as well as SMS & video API solutions.. AVOXI's API makes it easy for partners to select and provision phone numbers from our global inventory with ease.
Pricing Customers agree to a 12-month minimum contract and some initial setup costs. Their admin fees feel a little excessive, but not unreasonable for the market. Be weary of porting fees when transferring numbers to their network. Voxbone users can cut their total cost of communications with AVOXI. More affordable international call rates, zero setup fees or minimum contracts, and less discretionary fees included with your service help AVOXI users reduce costs without sacrificing call quality or network reliability.

Voxbone Review: Taking a Closer Look

Now it's It's time to dive in to the details! Continue reading for additional context informing our review of Voxbone thus far. Today we're focusing on the phone number management options offered by each platform, including a comparison of available number types, potential cost savings, and more!

Phone Number Management

Voxbone is a top-notch enterprise voice carrier that can serve many use-cases. While we obviously have that in common, the AVOXI platform unifies your communication channels into one manageable interface. Like Voxbone, you can connect AVOXI to your contact center or PBX system through SIP trunking. Unlike Voxbone, AVOXI provides an intuitive UI to manage your numbers from. You can even use AVOXI as your contact center software by adding user licenses in your account! 

Inbound Number Coverage

AVOXI is the cloud comm powerhouse when it comes to international number availability. Voxbone boasts an excellent inventory inventory itself with high quality network connections in 60+ countries. But with a global inventory covering 170+ countries, AVOXI platform users enjoy the ability to provision numbers within minutes, wherever they do business. Voxbone customers can use AVOXI for hard-to-find number types like these:

  • Canada (Toronto 416)
  • Estonia (Local) 
  • Georgia (Toll Free)
  • India (Local, Mobile, & Toll Free)
  • Latvia (Mobile)
  • Lithuania (Mobile)
  • Monaco (Toll Free)
  • Netherlands: (Mobile)
  • Saudi Arabia: (Local)
  • South Korea (Local & Toll Free)
  • Ukraine: (Mobile & Toll Free)
  • United Arab Emirates (Local & National)
  • United States (New York City 212)

Outbound Calling & Two Way Voice

If you had to choose Voxbone or AVOXI for outbound calling, your best choice will depends on where you'll be making the most calls. Both companies can terminate your calls to over 10,000 locations worldwide. However, Voxbone offers local caller ID in many European countries that AVOXI does not (yet), including Finland, Greece, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden. AVOXI provides TrueLocal in more countries outside of Europe such as China, Brazil, Mexico and many more. Learn more about TrueLocal coverage. 

But, if your customers are located in the Americas and APAC regions, AVOXI has Voxbone beat. We offer 2-way local voice solutions in 22+ countries around the globe with many more arriving soon. Learn more about TrueLocal™.  For more on our 2-way voice coverage, click here.

What is 2-Way Voice? 

2-Way Voice (also known by names like PSTN replacement and local calling) refers to the ability to make and receive calls on the same phone number. Global businesses are drawn to this service for good reason. It helps to increase customer engagement with local caller ID, which builds credibility among customers and leads to more sales. 

Voxbone offers 2-way voice in most European countries, while AVOXI offers it in some European countries and many more in Asia and Latin America. Regions where Voxbone does not provide local caller ID but AVOXI does include Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, and Thailand.  


SMS is where Voxbone really makes an impact. Customers with a mobile number can communicate with their clients via text using two-way SIP trunk in several European countries. They provide 2FA verification thanks to their text message API. 

For businesses utilizing SMS/text messaging as part of their ongoing communications, Voxbone might be a good provider to consider. They provide two-way SMS and 2FA as part of their SMS API. Businesses that rely on messaging for appointment reminders and alerts may find Voxbone’s notification service valuable within their operations.

AVOXI currently offers SMS service in the US & Canada markets only.


Both providers have excellent SIP integration capabilities, making it easy to incorporate your voice carrier into your tech stack. AVOXI and Voxbone offer many similar integration categories and many different providers. 


  • CPaaS: Cataleya, Plivo, SignalWire, Twilio, and Voximplant
  • PBX: 3CX, Asterisk, FreePBX, and FreeSWITCH 
  • UCaaS: Zoom Phone
  • SBC: Cisco CUBE and Ribbon
  • CCaaS: Genesys Cloud
  • Video Conferencing: Pexip


  • Chat: Intercom
  • Collaboration: Microsoft Teams
  • Contact Center: Five9, Genesys, Nice inContact, and TalkDesk
  • CPaaS: Twilio
  • CRM: ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and Zoho
  • Helpdesk: Freshdesk, Help Scout, and Zendesk
  • PBX: 3CX, Asterisk, Avaya, and FreePBX
  • Sales Automation: Pipedrive

Pricing & Total Cost of Ownership

With more affordable international call rates in most overlapping regions, AVOXI Flex customers enjoy contract terms that are ideal for reducing total communication costs. Voxbone does not advertise their pricing or billing practices. However, we can review their parent company Bandwidth to get an idea of what you may expect. Key differences between Voxbone & Bandwidth's pricing practices and our own include:

  • Bandwidth comes with a minimum contract length of 12 months. AVOXI users can cancel anytime at no cost. 
  • Bandwidth charges porting fees & disconnect charges. AVOXI users can connect, disconnect, and port numbers into their platform for free.
  • Voxbone & Bandwidth offer custom quotes exclusively. AVOXI's global call rates are transparent and terms of service are easy to understand.  
  • Voxbone & AVOXI Flex come with minimum usage terms. Voxbone's minimum billing agreements are negotiated case-by-case; AVOXI Flex partners agree to a $350 monthly minimum. 

AVOXI makes it easy for global companies to reduce communication costs without sacrificing call quality. How much could your organization save in your first month? 

Try the Voxbone Alternative of Choice for Global Businesses

See why international organizations choose AVOXI! One of our experts will be happy to answer your questions about the Voxbone, Bandwidth, and the AVOXI platform. Get in touch today!