Automated Performance Reporting & Call Logging

Scheduled Reporting

Time is your most precious resource -
optimize it with Scheduled Reports.

Scheduled Reporting

Time is your most precious resource - optimize it with Scheduled Reports.

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As a manager you’re responsible for making sure your sales or support teams are working efficiently, while also ensuring your customers are getting a top notch experience. Sometimes it can be a lot to juggle. AVOXI removes the manual work of generating reports and automates the process for you. Scheduled Reports can be sent in the format that best suits your needs and can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

Easily drill into the metrics that matter most and circulate them with key stakeholders who need them to make real-time decisions.

Scheduled Reporting Metrics

Get the Metrics that Matter Most When You Need Them

With 34% of contact centers saying they don’t have the right customer data available at the time of need it’s more important than ever to make sure you have the performance-driven reports to increase customer satisfaction. AVOXI’s Schedule Reports give you the insight you need to get ahead of critical service-level metrics and proactively manage your contact center and teams. Easily arrange your activity reports to be delivered at the right time, in the formats you desire! 

Free PBX

Proactively Manage Your Contact Center

You can still benefit from cloud contact features like IVR, Call Tracking and Live Coaching by simply connecting your existing phone system to AVOXI via SIP. Once connected, you will be able to manage your number using settings and preferences directly within our platform.


Add Time Back to Your Day

Get more time back in your day with Scheduled Reports. Avoid the manual work of pulling performance reports daily, weekly or monthly and replace it with an automated workflow that does the work for you and circulates reports in the format and the frequency of your choice.


Get the Right Reports to the Right People

Easily automate and send custom reports to different team members based on what’s most important to them. From detailed insights on total call capacity or disposition reporting to get visibility into call outcomes you’ll be able to quickly improve transparency across your business.

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