Customer Service Call Center Software

Customer Service Call Center Software

AVOXI Genius is your effective, affordable, and easy-to-use customer service call center software. Try customer service call center software completely free for 30 days!

Create unlimited IVR menus, prompts, and scripts to guide your callers

Route customers to the right agent every time with automatic call distribution

Monitor and coach your team with live call monitoring and call recording

Enjoy affordable pricing per user and amazing VoIP telephony rates worldwide

No setup fees, no minimum contracts. Try our customer support call center software risk-free!


Customer Service Contact Center Software

Customer service call center software makes it easy to handle your inbound and outbound calls, manage your customer service agents, monitor performance, and more from an intuitive, cloud-based contact center platform. AVOXI's customer service contact center software integrates with your CRM and other business tools, making it easier for your agents to create better conversations.  With AVOXI, setting up your customer service call center solution is quick, easy, and affordable. Enjoy a free 30 day trial of our call center support software and see just how easy managing a customer service call center can be.


Customer Service Call Center Software for Effective Call Management

AVOXI's customer service call center software boosts customer satisfaction by guiding callers to the right information or agent every time.

  • Unlimited IVR: Create limitless IVR menus, prompts, and scripts to route your customers to the right agent.
  • Custom Call Routing: Customize your call distribution system with skills-based, time-based, and other routing options to guide your callers.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Take advantage of ACD and IVR to reduce the number of call transfers and improve caller self-service.

Improve Productivity with Call Monitoring and Analytics

AVOXI Genius is the service center software built to improve your communications and agent performance right away:

  • Live Call Monitoring: Monitor agents, calls, and call statuses in real-time and live coach with call whisper and call barge.
  • Advanced Analytics: Get real-time and historical views on calls answered, average waiting time, average talk time, and more. 
  • Quality Assurance: Take advantage of call scoring and call dispositions to measure agent performance.
  • Easy Self-Service: Instantly add or remove agents or phone numbers, edit users' individual access to features, and more from your online interface.
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Integrate Your Customer Service Call Center Software

Our call center support software CRM integration simplifies workflows, reduces human-errors, and improves the productivity of your agents. 

  • Automatic Call Logging: Give your agents more time for the work that matters most. Review call details, follow-ups, and call recordings within your CRM.
  • Screen Pops: Better help your customers with screen pops to get caller information from your CRM to contextualize conversations.
  • Improved Analytics: Get better analytics by automating tasks in your CRM to improve data quality when running reports.

Set Up Your Customer Service Call Center Software in Minutes

With AVOXI, setting up your call center software for customer service is easy and affordable. Get more for less when you choose AVOXI:

  • Launch your new customer call center software in minutes
  • Integrate your service center software and CRM in a few clicks
  • Instantly add virtual numbers from 160+ countries and enjoy amazing call quality for competitive rates worldwide
  • Save big with no setup fees, no minimum contracts, and incredibly affordable user licenses
customer call center software


Customer Service Call Center Software Pricing

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Interested in Custom Pricing for Your Customer Service Support Software?

Interested in trying our customer service support software, but not sure if our platform has every feature or integration you're looking for? Speak with one of our in-house experts to request new features or a custom pricing plan.

Why So Many Businesses Choose Our Customer Contact Center Software

There's good reason why over 5,000 companies around the world trust AVOXI as their business VoIP and customer service call center software provider.

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AVOXI Network Infrastructure POPs / Gateways

Fast Implementation

We're removing the complexity from customer service contact center software. Implement a customer service call center in days and start simplifying your workload right away. 

Cost Reduction

Finally, running a customer service support software can be easy and affordable. Affordable plans, globally competitive telephony rates, and no setup fees or minimum contracts make it easy to reduce contact center costs with AVOXI.

Dedicated Support

Every service center software customer gains access to 24/7 support with our in-house team of experts, as well as a dedicated account expert focused on your specific business needs.

Simplified Integration

AVOXI removes complexity from your workflows. Choose from 50+ CRM and Helpdesk tools to integrate with your service center software. Easily manage your agents, phone numbers, and metrics from one interface. 

World's Largest Coverage Area

With a VoIP telephony network covering 160+ countries, no contact center provider gives you the reach that AVOXI does. Enjoy amazing call quality for affordable rates worldwide.

Innovative Feature Roadmap

AVOXI is on a mission to make customer communications easy and available for small businesses, enterprises, and call centers worldwide. Our engineers are constantly rolling out new features and platform improvements.

Common Questions About Call Service Center Software

How long will it take to launch my customer service call center software?

In most cases, new customers are able to deploy their new customer service call center software within two business days. That includes onboarding and coaching from an AVOXI implementation expert. After signup, you can instantly self-provision new users, phone numbers, and much more from your call management system interface.

Are there physical hardware requirements to use my call service center software?

As a browser-based service center software, AVOXI Genius can be used anywhere where you have a stable internet connection (we recommend 150 kbps per simultaneous call). There are no additional hardware requirements for launching a call service center software.

What level of support is included with my customer service contact center software?

Every AVOXI Genius customer has access to 24/7 phone support. You can also create service tickets via email or chat from within your User Interface.

Can I customize my users, phone numbers, call queues, etc. on my own?

AVOXI Genius is designed to give you complete control over your customer service contact center solution. After signing up, you can add, edit, and remove users instantly from your own user interface. You can also activate toll free, non-geographic, and local phone numbers from 160+ countries instantly and customize your call distribution rules. 

Can I set up custom integrations in my service center software?

The dedicated engineers at AVOXI are enhancing our existing contact center integrations and adding new platforms to the integrations store every month! If you have questions about available service center software integrations, or if you would like to request a new platform be added next, please let us know! 

Can I schedule my free trial to start at a later date?

Of course! Submit the short free trial form and you will be given the option to choose the specifications associated with your customer service call center's free trial period. 

What else can AVOXI do for me?

AVOXI is a one-stop shop for cloud communications and business voice solutions! In addition to the top customer service contact center software for global businesses, popular services from AVOXI include virtual phone number from 160+ countries, SIP trunking, and SMS forwarding.

More Than Just a Customer Service Call Management System

AVOXI Genius is more than just a customer service call management system. It's a complete

customer service contact center solution built to improve team performance and simplify your work.

Try the Top Customer Service Call Center Software Risk-Free

See our customer service call center software in action and find out just how easy managing your contact center can be!

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