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January 16, 2018

AVOXI Responds to Growing Demand in Asia Pacific

Expansion in APAC Includes Global Point of Presence in Hong Kong and Expanded Customer Focused Team

AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) worldwide, is pleased to announce its expanded focus in Asia Pacific (APAC). This latest development reflects AVOXI’s commitment to serve growing demand in the Asia Pacific region. AVOXI added a global point of presence in Asia to improve coverage, call quality and reliability within the region.

In addition to its Fall 2017 announcement of added and expanded services within South Asia, AVOXI’s focus on the entire region of APAC helps meet growing demand for cloud communications in the area. Along with the added point of presence, AVOXI updated all APAC services with its recent expansion that includes new Asia Pacific minute packages in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

According to the World Bank Group data, the combined gross domestic product for South Asia, East Asia and Pacific was 25.373 US$ for 2016 indicating an overall GDP growth of 3.6%. An example is Australia: a recent Frost and Sullivan report stated that the country has one of the highest adoption rates of cloud computing in APAC. The growth indicators in several APAC countries led to the decision to add a point of presence server to route regional calls. With its cloud communications services available internationally, AVOXI is well-positioned to continue cultivating its client base in the region.

Providing an excellent customer experience is paramount to the AVOXI Service. In addition to network, product and pricing enhancements in Asia, AVOXI is also investing in additional customer service resources in the region.

“Year over year, we saw a 47% increase in Asia Pacific customers,” explained David Wise, chief executive officer at AVOXI. “Our mission is to ensure we provide the best and most comprehensive communications service to our clients and to meet increasing demand. I am pleased to add infrastructure in Asia that allows call termination regionally and to offer competitive telephony rates to help us in that effort.”

AVOXI Core, AVOXI’s cloud communication platform, provides 40+ business phone features. Its online portal uses an intuitive interface that allows customers to manage international numbers from over 140 countries, dynamically set forwarding rules, customize IVRs, and oversee call activity. AVOXI Core integrates with all IP and TDM PBX systems to deliver cloud-based solutions on a global basis. Customers can update costs, coverage and quality with no impact to their existing infrastructure or users.

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