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August 19, 2015

AVOXI Introduces Peru Domestic Toll Free Numbers and India Local Numbers

AVOXI is pleased to announce several new additions to its growing inventory of affordable domestic toll free and local numbers. The leading telecommunications provider now offers its customers true domestic toll free numbers from Peru, Australia, Japan, and Ireland.

Unlike international toll free numbers, which often come with numerous restrictions, domestic toll free numbers can be dialed from any device, including mobile phones. Calls received by these numbers can also be forwarded nearly anywhere in the world, providing businesses with greater flexibility.

“Domestic toll free numbers can be a pricy investment for businesses, especially if they are provisioned by a commercial provider. But, thanks to the strong relationships we’ve built with in-country carriers, we’ve been able to obtain these numbers at a much lower rate. We’re pleased to be able to pass those savings on to our customers,” said AVOXI’s Executive Vice President and Director of Carrier Relations, Weston Edmunds.

In addition to new Australia, Ireland, Japan and Peru domestic toll free numbers, AVOXI now offers India local numbers that can be used for conference calling services as well as regular call traffic. The new India local numbers acquired by AVOXI are available for Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.

“Local numbers (known as DID numbers) from India are very difficult to come by, and there just aren’t that many providers that can provision them,” said David Wise, CEO and Founder of AVOXI. “We’re proud to be one of the few telecommunications providers that can cater to the needs of India-based call centers and wholesale customers.”

AVOXI will continue to leverage its positive relationships with global Tier 1 and incumbent carriers in order to provide businesses with the communications services they need to connect with customers around the globe.



AVOXI delivers a new generation of international cloud voice solutions to companies that need to easily connect and converse with their customers. With unmatched depth and breadth of global coverage and virtual number types, and a software platform that provides visibility and intelligence to manage voice service like never before, AVOXI’s 5000+ clients are able to more effectively use voice to serve customers across geographic markets as part of a modern contact center approach. AVOXI’s global team of cloud voice experts prides itself on ensuring clients receive the highest level of service possible – anywhere and anytime.


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