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March 23, 2016

Blacklisting: Optimizing Your Call Center By Blocking Unwanted Callers

AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions in the international market, announced the launch of the newest feature for Smart Queue, its virtual call center solution: blacklisting, or inbound call blocking.

Blacklisting is an easy-to-use call center management tool that allows supervisors to create a blacklist of phone numbers in real time. Any phone number added to this list is immediately blocked.

Although blacklisting is a simple feature, it provides enormous benefits to call centers. By blocking unwanted calls, call center supervisors can minimize call volume and allow agents to focus on customers. With fewer unqualified calls in the call queue, customers spend less time on hold, and your agents spend more time on the phone with the right callers.

“When the sales team heard that we were adding the blacklisting feature to the Smart Queue platform, they wanted to be the first ones to try it,” said David Wise, CEO and Founder. “Since we’ve been using it internally, they couldn’t be happier. We’ve eliminated so many unqualified calls, and they have much more time to focus on our customers.”

Another key benefit of the blacklisting feature is cost savings. Every unwanted call costs money, both for call center agent time and for the minutes themselves. With the blacklist feature, call center managers can block those unwanted calls, saving money previously spent on wasted minutes.

The blacklisting feature is available to all Smart Queue customers using the “Without Limits” plan, which is recommended for call centers and large businesses.

Contact an AVOXI virtual contact center specialist for more information about this inbound call blocking feature and Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual contact center platform.