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Why Sell AVOXI?

AVOXI’s exclusive Channel Partner Network enables and equips telecommunications providers to extend their reach and gain more clients.

Our VoIP resellers choose from a wide range of cloud communications solutions, including toll free and local numbers worldwide, AVOXI Core, our virtual number management platform, virtual call center software. Sell AVOXI’s platform and virtual number service as a standalone business phone system or to extend and complement an existing system. AVOXI makes it easy to convert international voice traffic to IP, providing a lower cost and more control through a user-controlled software solution.


AVOXI Channel Partner Resellers leverage AVOXI’s cloud-based communications to provide their clients the benefits of VoIP technology at highly competitive calling rates. AVOXI provides product materials and training while resellers set their own end user pricing. As a reseller, you have the opportunity to set your own pricing, packaging and billing increments with a very aggressive AVOXI cost basis.

Reseller provides:

  • End user installation and support
  • Ongoing customer care
  • Client billing and collections—responsibility for any uncollectable debts

Reseller requirements:

  • Must bill at least $20,000 per month to qualify
  • Minimum staff of 3 employees (Sales, technical support and customer care)
  • Business to business focus

Resellers can qualify for a White Label Reseller Program. This program allows you to leverage your own brand and maintain a competitive advantage, all while delivering the top quality service for your clients. The AVOXI White Label program extends to all of your services as well as our online portal solution via AVOXI CORE.

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