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Phone Number Management Software

Consolidate your telco carriers and manage a global phone number inventory from a single dashboard. Try our award-winning telecom management software risk-free. 


Telecom Management Can Be a Tough Job

AVOXI helps simplify number management and provides access to reliable voice service in 170+ countries around the globe -  all from an intuitive, cloud-based platform. With complimentary number porting in over 100 countries, it’s easy to move to the cloud without losing your business identity. In just a few clicks, you’re able to instantly provision new numbers right from our online shopping cart. Get visibility into the status of open orders in real-time and manage your complete inventory from a single dashboard.


Number Porting

Enjoy all the benefits of the AVOXI platform without giving up your existing business phone numbers with VoIP number porting.


Number Lookup API

The voice API suite tailored for embedding global voice and messaging into your own technologies.

Nice InContact

Local Phone Numbers

Get customers to answer your calls more often with direct dialing numbers with local caller-id for both inbound and outbound calls.

Moderize Your Path to the Cloud

AVOXI makes it painless to modernize your infrastructure. Centralize, configure and analyze all of your phone numbers from a secure, cloud-based platform. Easily expand and route new VoIP number services via the AVOXI platform in a few clicks.

Port Thousands of Numbers Seamlessly
  • Port existing number from 100+ countries, no downtime or fees.
  • Includes call routing, voicemail, advanced analytics and much more.
  • Get a full month of free calling with every business number you port to AVOXI's VoIP network! Limited time offer.
Consolidate Carriers
  • Set up new numbers from 170+ countries in just a few minutes.
  • Benefit for AVOXI's established network of more than 40 top tier carriers to ensure redundant and high quality voice call routing at competitive rates.
Proactively Monitor Voice Service
  • Call Insights from AVOXI gives greater visibility into the quality of every call. Measure packet loss, jitter, and MOS score of every call.
  • Get real-time analytics on performance metrics across your entire organization.

Diversify into New Markets and Reach More Customers

Scalable Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Instantly expand to new markets and access new revenue potential....with no minimum monthly commitments or contractual lock-ins. AVOXI's bundled, volume-based packages allow you to pay as you go - delivering flexibility and scalability on your own terms.

Increase Your Global Call Answer Rate

Get more of your calls answered with AVOXI TrueLocal™. AVOXI's PSTN replacement service provides local caller ID for both inbound and outbound calls, allowing your teams to establish a local market presence resulting in increased answer rates and overall customer engagement.

Expand to New Agent Desktop

Easily establish a new team within minutes. Activate new numbers for additional teams and establish call distribution models to easily turn up remote employees all the way to the agent desktop.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Seamlessly Manage Demand

AVOXI's flexible voice APIs enable customers to instantly expand their global communications portfolio. Phone number APIs give you real-time access to AVOXI's global inventory, including the ability to find available numbers based on country and number type.

Expedite Business Documentation & Number Procurement

AVOXI makes it easy to buy and deploy new numbers. Upload important documents and create a library to expedite future orders. 

See How Easy Telecom Management Can Be