Mobile Responsive Application

Manage your AVOXI Core phone system from any device.

Manage Your Phone System On the Go

Mobile Responsive Application - AccountWhen it comes to business communications, convenience and accessibility are key. And in today’s fast-paced environment, users need to be able to make quick changes to their phone systems, whether they are in the office or on the go.

Manage your AVOXI Core phone system from any device with the AVOXI Core Mobile Responsive Application. Configure your call forwarding rules, ring groups, and even virtual attendant settings—all from your mobile phone.

Ensure Business Continuity

Mobile Responsive Application - call forwardingYou’re not always at your desk when you need to make changes to your call forwarding settings. In the event of a holiday, office closure, or even a power outage, you can use the AVOXI Core Mobile App to instantly change call forwarding settings and ensure that you never miss an important call.

Get Support Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile Responsive Application - SupportHave questions about your AVOXI Core account? Need to open a support ticket or chat with a live support agent? With the AVOXI Core Mobile App, you can access our expert support team, even while you’re on the go.

Just open the mobile responsive menu, and select Support get the help you need, when you need it. Review open and closed support tickets, get answers to frequently asked questions, or chat with a live support agent from your mobile device.

Install the AVOXI Core Mobile Responsive Application

Setting up the AVOXI Core Mobile App on your phone is easy.

  1. Open your phone’s web browser and visit
  2. Tap the browser options button, and click “Add shortcut on Home Screen.”
  3. The AVOXI Core Mobile App appears on the home screen of your mobile device.

Access the AVOXI Core Online Portal from the link on the home screen of your device when you want to make changes from your mobile phone or tablet. Just enter your login credentials on the login screen to get started.

Learn More about the AVOXI Core Mobile App

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