Queue Callback

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Smart Queue Call Queue Management

With Queue Callback, you no longer force your customers to wait on hold until an agent becomes available. Instead, this essential call queue management feature allows customers to request a call back from an agent without losing their place in the queue.

All your customer has to do is enter their phone number and country code. Smart Queue automatically dials the customer back and routes the call to the next available agent. No searching through your CRM or voicemail records to find customer contact information.

You can also configure your Queue Callback settings to allow customers to leave a voicemail.

If a caller chooses to remain on hold, they stay on the line and hear the standard hold music until an agent becomes available.

If a caller requests a call back, Smart Queue prompts the caller to enter their telephone number (with country code). Callers also have the option to leave a message.

When an agent becomes available, Smart Queue calls the customer back and routes the call to an agent, who hears the caller’s message before being connected to the caller.

It's that simple.

With Queue Callback, callers spend less time on hold, and agents handle call volume more efficiently.

How the Callback Feature Helps Your Business

Everyone wins with Queue Callback. For your customers, there is no waiting in lengthy call queues for available agents. For your business, you realize cost saving by not paying for wasted minutes your callers previously spent on hold. Queue Call Back also helps you manage your agent traffic loads by allowing agents to shed traffic during peak times and perform call backs during off peak hours.

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