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Provide white glove service to key accounts with VIP Caller.

Route Top Priority Calls with Smart Queue VIP Caller

How much are your top customers worth? And how much would it cost your business if one of your key accounts stopped doing business with you because of a frustrating customer experience?

Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software, helps you ensure that your key customers receive White Glove Service every time they contact your business. With the VIP Caller feature, you can create a list of VIP phone numbers in real time. Choose dedicated agents to handle calls from your top accounts without changing your existing call queue structure.

Benefits of VIP Call Routing Feature

VIP Caller provides enormous benefits for your top customers, your call center, and your business as a whole.

For Top Customers

Top customers automatically skip the call queue and are directed to a dedicated agent. This provides the personalized experience that your most loyal customers deserve.

For Your Call Center

This feature helps call centers better manage call volume by sending highly specific customer requests to agents who are best equipped to handle them. Much like skills-based routing, this feature cuts down on transfers and lets agents work more effectively with each caller.

For Your Business

VIP Caller provides your company with the tools you need to retain your most important customers and reward their continued business.

How Does VIP Call Routing Work?

Smart Queue’s VIP Caller feature is easy to use. Call center managers can add phone numbers to the VIP Caller list in real time.

To set up VIP call routing for a specific number, simply log into Smart Queue as a supervisor, and click on the Settings tab. Then, select Edit Known Numbers.

Add the phone number to the list, select VIP Caller, and then choose the agent who should receive the call.

It’s really that simple. In just a few seconds, VIP call routing allows you to start delivering exceptional customer service to your most important accounts.

Best Practices for VIP Call Routing

VIP call routing is an easy feature to configure, and it yields huge benefits for your call center, your business, and your top customers. But before you start adding numbers to your VIP Caller list, be sure to review these best practices:

Include Country Codes for All Listed Phone Numbers

Smart Queue is built on a global platform that uses the international E.164 dialing format; that’s what makes it such an asset for businesses with global reach. Because of this, all phone numbers added to the VIP Caller list should include the country code. This will ensure that your top customers are routed immediately to the right agent.

Consider Specialized Agent Training

To provide White Glove Service to your top customers, you need to make sure that your dedicated agents are trained properly. Agents who receive VIP calls should be familiar with each account so that they can provide personalized service.

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