Queue Callback

When all agents are busy, queue callback saves your caller’s place in line and automatically calls back once an agent becomes available. Call center callback software improves key metrics while reducing your costs.

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Queue Callback Software

Queue callback, also known as VoIP callback, allows customers to receive a call back when an agent is available rather than wait on hold. If a caller chooses the automated callback, a virtual hold is placed to save their place in the queue. When an agent is available, a customer callback is initiated to reconnect the caller with your agent. These activities are logged and available in your reports and analytics.

Everybody wins when you take advantage of customer callback software. Your customers don’t get frustrated waiting on hold, your agents get to speak with happier customers, and you enjoy big cost-savings with reduced call rates and fewer employees needed to handle your busiest hours. 


Reduce Costs with Automated Callback

You're still charged for every minute your callers wait on hold, but virtual hold doesn’t cost you any talk time. Callback software also smooths out call spikes, reducing your staffing requirements.


Queue Callback Creates Better Interactions

Customers don’t like waiting on hold, and agents don’t like speaking to frustrated customers. Automated customer callback improves these interactions immediately, especially with integrated with your CRM.


Improve KPIs with Call Center Callback Software

Call center callback software is excellent for reducing costs and abandonment rates, as well as improving CSAT scores. Few features can improve your metrics as quickly as automated callback.


Callback Software Features

  • Custom callback standards - Choose the rules that decide when your callers hear the callback request option. 
  • Analytics and dashboards - Custom dispositions and advanced analytics make it easy to measure the impact of queue callback on your call center metrics. 
  • Customer callback with screen pop - Take advantage of Help Desk and CRM integrations to give your agents more context during customer callbacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does automated callback work?

How to set up automated callback software:

  1. First, you select the conditions that you would like to trigger a customer callback request. For example, you can choose to offer an automated callback if the estimated wait time is over 10 minutes.
  2. If these conditions are met, your callback request message is played for the customer.
  3. If they select the automatic callback option, they will be asked if they would like their return call to be made to their current number or a new one. If they would like to be called on a different number, they will be prompted to input the new number. 
  4. The customer hangs up, and a virtual hold is placed in the queue to save their place. Once the virtual hold reaches the front of the line, Genius initiates a customer callback. Genius also tags this call with a callback label for your reporting and analytics. 
  5. An automated message plays, informing the customer that this is the callback they requested. The customer will confirm they are ready for the callback before being connected to an agent.

Does your software support international callback?

Yes, international callbacks are no problem with AVOXI Genius.

How much does callback software cost?

Customer callback software is an included feature available to Genius Enterprise users.

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