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'Tis the Season to

Optimize Your Call Strategy

Gift your shoppers with a memorable customer experience this holiday season with these tips & tricks for optimizing your holiday call strategy.

We’re already in the midst of the holiday season, and you’re on the front lines. A typical holiday season usually comes with anticipated call spikes and increased customer support tickets, but retailers and eCommerce brands are up against additional obstacles this year. Evolved buyer trends, labor shortages and global shipping strains are making you adjust your communication plan this year.

In our Webinar, we’re discussing how leading retail and eCommerce brands are leveraging AVOXI’s global voice and contact center solutions to give their shoppers an exceptional buying experience this holiday season.

You’ll leave our conversation with actionable next steps on how to:

  • Tap into new shopper markets and expand your online sales.
  • Personalize the shopper experience, meeting your buyers where they're at. 
  • Leverage strategic features like VIP routing and queue callback to optimize your employee's time, while also delivering a great customer experience.

Meet Our Presenters


Jennifer Hopkins




Billy Boydston

Dir. Brand Strategy & Operations



Megan Evitts

Digital Events Manager