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Toll Free Number vs. DDI/Local Number – Which is Right for Your Business?

As we have explained in previous articles and posts, your business’s phone number is an indispensible asset and can play a key role in your growth. When deciding if a toll free number or a local (DID) number is right for your business, there are a few factors to consider.

First, let’s define the key differences between the two. A toll free number is a number that allows your customers to call you with no charge to them. You, the owner of the number, are the one who pays for the fees. Fees are based off the country the toll free number is located. To find out more about toll free rates, visit our blog to learn more. Each toll free number is country specific, which means the only people within the country where the number is based can call that number.

A DID, also known as a virtual number or DDI, provides a service called direct inward calling. When someone calls your DID, the call will be transferred to your personal line, whether that’s mobile, landline or VoIP. DIDs start off with an area code relative to the city where your company is located. Unlike a toll free number, the person calling the number is responsible for the fees of the call.

The biggest question you should ask yourself is, “How am I trying to position my business, as a local, brick-and-mortar business or a larger, more recognized company?” If you want to be seen as a larger company, a toll free number might be the way to go. With a toll free number, it makes it easier for a customer to contact you and it will improve your customer service relations. Typically, toll free numbers are most valuable for business without a physical location and are looking to expand beyond their local market.

If your company has one physical location, earns majority of its business within 1-3 nearby cities, and wants to establish a local presence, then a DID number is right for you. Also, if your business receives few to no long distance calls, this is a sign a local number is for you, since your business would be spending more than it needs to on the toll fees.

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