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Australian 1300 Number Cost Guide

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1300 phone numbers are popular Australian business numbers used by companies wanting to expand their local and international client base. People often ask how much does it cost to call a 1300 number? Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about 1300 number costs and services, including:

  • What are 1300 phone numbers?
  • Alternative business numbers in Australia.
  • What the top carriers charge callers to dial 1300 numbers.
  • Dialing 1300 phone numbers from abroad.
  • How to set up your own 1300 number.

What are 1300 Phone Numbers

1300 phone numbers are ten-digit inbound virtual numbers that are unique to Australia and Malaysia.  Also known as “Local Call” numbers, customers dialing these business numbers from any fixed landline in Australia pay rates equal to a local call. 1300 numbers are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Types of Australian Business Numbers: 1300 vs 1800 vs 13 vs Local

1300 numbers, 1800 toll free numbers, and 13 numbers are the three primary business numbers in Australia. The differences between these numbers revolve around their format and call costs. In addition, some companies set up city-specific local numbers to give their business a local presence. See below for a short description of each:

1300 Phone Numbers

  • 1300 business numbers are shared-cost numbers, meaning call charges are split between the caller and the business.
  • Calls made from any fixed landline in Australia are charged local all rates, with call charges from mobiles dependent on the caller’s service plan and network rates.
  • If you are interested in setting up a 1300 number for your business, learn more about our Australian 1300 number services.

1800 Numbers (Toll Free)

  • 1800 numbers are toll free, meaning the caller is not charged when dialing them.
  • These inbound business numbers include six digits following the 1800 number prefix. (i.e. 1800-xxx-xxx)
  • Toll free numbers are recommended for companies forwarding calls overseas.
  • 1800 toll free numbers are very popular with businesses giving them a professional image and helping them stand out against competitors.
  • You can learn more about setting up a toll free number for your business on our Australia 1800 number page.

13 Numbers

  • Callers are charged the same for dialing 13 numbers as they are with 1300 numbers.
  • 13 numbers are only six-digits in length (i.e. 13-46-65) making them easier to remember.
  • They are popular with businesses trying to create a distinctive, memorable phone number.
  • The ACMA charges carriers a premium to provide 13 numbers, making them the most expensive choice for a business number.

Local Numbers

  • Callers are charged local call rates, regardless of where the call is forwarded.
  • Include a city-specific dial-code.
  • Local numbers can be dialed from overseas, though long-distance charges will apply to the caller.

Can you Call a 1300 Number from Abroad?

1300 virtual numbers can be called from select countries outside of Australia. Callers will be charged international rates determined by their carrier. International access to Australian 1300 numbers is limited, so local or 1800 numbers are recommended for companies with callers from abroad.

To connect to a 1300 number from overseas, callers need to dial their country’s exit code, followed by Australia’s access code +61, followed by the full number.  Popular countries that can call 1300 numbers and exit codes include:

  • China (00)
  • Hong Kong (001)
  • India (00)
  • Indonesia (Indosat – 001 / 008, Telkom - 007, Bakrie Telecom - 009)
  • Japan (010)
  • New Zealand (00)
  • Philippines (00)
  • Singapore (001 or 008)
  • Thailand (001)
  • United Kingdom (00)
  • U.S.A. (011)

If you would like to try dialing a 1300 number from abroad and your country is not listed above, you can find a full list of international exit and access codes here.

1300 Number Call Costs

When customers dial a 1300 number, call costs are determined by the device in which they are calling on and their personal service plan.

1300 Number Costs from a Landline

As previously established, 1300 numbers dialed from any fixed landline in Australia are not time-based and are charged local call rates.  Call costs are split between the business and caller.

1300 Mobile Charges

Mobile callers may face higher rates when dialing as 13/1300 number. Due to confusion about mobile rates, the Australian Communications and Media Authority implemented a framework in 2014. The framework called for more transparency and incentivized carriers to provide more “13-friendly” plans. All major mobile networks in Australia provide 13-friendly plans. These plans usually include talk time over 13/1300 numbers as part of the subscriber’s allotted monthly minutes (more on that below).

1300 Number Costs for Mobile:

Most mobile phone plans now include a monthly allowance for a call to a 1300 Australian number. Referred to as “value mobile plans” they usually include a monthly dollar allowance for calls and text messages to 13/1300 phone numbers.  We’ve gathered popular mobile carriers Optus, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone;


  • Plans priced at $20 AUD per month: Calls to 13/1300 are$0.20 per minute.
  • Plans over $20 AUD per month: Calls to 13/1300 numbers are untimed and included in capped prices.

Virgin Mobile Australia

Standard Plan $60 AUD:

  • Unlimited calls to 13/1300 numbers
  • Subject to a Fair Use Policy
  • Subject to a 24-month contract with penalties for early cancelation

Vodafone Australia

Red Plan (monthly plan):

  • Unlimited calls to 13/1300 phone numbers included.

Prepaid plans:

  • Combo recharge: Unlimited calls included.
  • Prepaid 365 Plus: $0.20 (AUD) per minute for calls to 13 numbers.

Other providers:

Providers offering plans that include unlimited calls to 13/1300 phone numbers include:

  • Amaysim
  • Dodo
  • TPG
  • iPrimus

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