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7 Simple Tips for Reducing Cost Per Call in Your Call Center

As as provider of the most cost-efficient call center software anywhere, we are all about minimizing call center costs. A typical call center receives and makes hundreds of calls a day, and each of these calls comes at a price.  The cost per call can include labor costs for agents who are answering calls, the per-minute costs you incur on your phone bill, plus the basic cost of the call center equipment and software that you use.

And while a few dollars here or there might not seem like a lot of money, the basic cost of running a call center adds up fast.  Because of this, call center managers are always looking for ways to reduce their cost per call.

In this quick guide, we’ll discuss 7 simple tips for reducing cost per call in your call center that will help you improve your bottom line and run your business more efficiently.

Utilize IVR Auto Attendant

An IVR auto attendant is an efficient tool that allows you to route customers to the correct recipient based on the specific prompts they select.  This tool can help you reduce your cost per call by saving you money on labor costs that would have been used to pay for a human operator.

In order to set up your IVR (interactive voice response) system, you'll need to plan out and record your prompts.  For more information on how to set up your IVR, check out this quick IVR tutorial.  In some cases, your provider may be able to configure your IVR for you for a one-time fee.

Take Advantage of Skills Based Routing

Another feature that can help you reduce cost per call in a call center is skills based routing.  This feature also helps route incoming calls depending on what kind of assistance your customer needs.  When skills based routing is properly configured, it ensures that each customer is routed to the to the right agent the first time, which can save you money on each call.

Optimize Agent Training

The faster your employees can assist a customer with their issue or question, the less time they spend on the phone; and for your call center, less time on the phone means a cheaper cost per call and reduced labor costs.

If you want your agents to be able to handle calls more efficiently, you may want to spend some additional time and resources on your agent training program.  If you use virtual call center software, you can take advantage of a wide range of helpful tools to help you enhance agent training, including call recording, live monitoring, and quality assurance metrics.

Monitor, Measure and Improve First Call Resolution

Analyzing weekly, monthly, and year over year reporting is incredibly important for reducing cost per call.  Once you know what is happening in your call center on a day to day basis, you can start to identify areas where you can improve efficiency.

If you're trying to reduce your average cost per call, you should start by benchmarking and monitoring first call resolution.  If your agents are able to successfully resolve customer concerns during the first encounter, your customer's won't have to call back multiple times, which reduces both per-minute calling and labor costs.

Become a Call Monitoring Guru

Although virtual call center software comes with a range of helpful features, call monitoring and call recording are two of the most important tools for reducing cost per call.  We recommend that you frequently listen to your past and current calls to identify opportunities for improvements in call scripts and agent training that will help make your agents more efficient.

Discuss Phone Number Options With Your Provider

A new phone number may also help you reduce your cost per call.  Take the time to explore the rates and options available from a range of providers, and find out if you could save money on per-minute costs with an international toll free or local phone number.  or they may be able to offer you a different type of phone number like a local or toll free number.

Consider Upgrading Your System

You probably noticed that a lot of our tips for reducing cost per call mention the benefits of virtual call center software. If you aren't using a hosted call center solution, you may want to do a little research on how much it would cost to upgrade your system.

Virtual call center software comes with a range of features to help you manage call center costs, and it's usually a cheaper option than on-site systems because you don't have to worry about routine upgrades or maintenance.

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