Best Call Center Call Routing Services

best call center call routing services

With companies receiving high calling volumes, it is important to make sure every customer feels valued. After all, a missed can mean a missed sale! That is where call routing comes in! This software works to simply improve their customer service and help agents efficiently manage their time! But with so many different call routing software for call centers how do you figure out which one is best for your business? AVOXI offers extremely reliable worldwide call routing services, however, we understand might not be the best option for every business. We focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and so we went ahead and compiled an informative post of the top companies that offer call routing for call centers!

Before we dive in, here is a chart to outline what these top call routing providers do best!

Provider eVoice FastCall CallRail CallTrackingMetrics AVOXI
Best For Salesforce
Best for Geo Routing
Best for Marketing
Best For International
Best For Outbound Dialer
Best Price
Best for Small Businesses

Top Call Routing For Call Center

Take a look at our comparison of the top call center routing software solutions and discover what might work best for you! 

This article reviews the following providers:

evoiceIf you are looking for a provider that offers a mobile app option than eVoice might just be for you! They offer an app along with their web portal and include all of the basic call routing features that one might need. These features include:

Professional greetings

Create a welcoming greeting that can include different things such as colleague extensions, a dial-by-name directory, messages about the company, etc. 

Call transfer

When customers call with specific questions a colleague might be better suited to answer, the call transfer feature makes it fast and easy to switch the call over. Another unique feature is that you can simply transfer your call from your desk phone to your mobile phone and vise versa to continue the call on the go!

Hold music

Entertain customers while they are waiting to speak to someone with either music or a fun marketing message to promote new things going on within the company.

eVoice has a variety of different pricing packages to choose from to meet all of your business needs!




FastCall is built inside of the salesforce platform and salesforce automatically has access when they log into their salesforce account. FastCall does not manage their own phone network however, they are built on top of Twilio. FastCall offers two styles of call routing: Overflow and Simuluring.

Overflow: dials one phone at a time, and if the line is busy it moves on to the next available phone. 


Simulring: dials two phones simultaneously and the first to answer takes the call. 


FastCall's call routing system includes a variety of features such as:

Record Calls

Record the content being discussed throughout the call to refer to at a later date.

Personal Voicemail

Record a voicemail or greeting that translates your business's personality to the customer.

Missed Calls

A widget documents calls that have been missed and potential leads.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to an agent seamlessly.


Listen in on calls to ensure the customer is getting the highest quality customer service.

FastCall pricing is $60 a month and includes call routing and a variety of other features for your business!


callrailCallRail is a major player in the intelligent call routing! They offer a variety of complex call routing features that are suitable for larger businesses that have multiple locations. Some of these features include:

Custom IVR (interactive voice response) Menu

Set up a menu that callers can interact with on their keypad to connect them with the correct department or agent to assist them. This can have multiple levels with specific questions to ensure that the caller is being directed to the best possible agent.

Scheduled Call Routing

Create a schedule that routes calls correctly during business hours

Custom Greetings

Leave a unique audio recording to ensure the caller that someone will be right with them, or include a marketing message.


If you have multiple geographic locations, this feature ensures that the caller is routed to someone in their specific region. This helps the customer get transferred to a representative in the same time zone or to the closest location.

Responsive Routing

Eliminate all the time a caller takes to find the correct department to speak with by using automation technology to route calls based on the ad, marketing campaign, keyword search, etc. that are being viewed.

Simulcall & Round Robin

By ringing multiple phones at once callers will speak with the first person to be available to help! Another way to improve customer service would be to route the call to whoever the caller spoke with during their last encounter. This creates a more personal service response. You can also create a call number chain by pre-determining who gets the call first, and if they are busy speaking with someone else, sending it to the next person in the rotation.

SIP Routing

TSIP routing a feature that allows you to send calls directly to an existing VoIP phone system without needing to send them over a public network.


Voicemail has evolved over the years and now how a few efficient features of its own to save you time. Some of these features include voicemail transcripts that you can read instead of having to physically listen to the voicemail and instant notifications via email when someone leaves a voicemail.

CallRail offers two different pricing packages for call routing to choose from based on your companies needs!


calltrackingmetricsCallTrackingMetrics gives you a ton of different features that can be optimal for those companies that are focused on marketing and advertising!

Call Management

Route incoming calls to specific agents based on things such as their skill set, scheduling, etc.

Smart Call Routing

Route calls to landlines, mobile devices, and SIP endpoints based on the rules you elect. 

Geographic routing

Based on their geographic location, automatically use that information to route calls. 

Call Recording

Record details of the call for future reference: call recordings never expire until you choose to delete them! 

Call Transcriptions

With language processing technology you can receive transcripts of calls to look back on. 

Call Tracking

Track calls based on where they came from. Track calls made based on sources, campaigns, or even keywords. (might not include these features… they kind of get away from call routing)

Premium Integrations

Merge with other analytics tools, platforms, etc. and sync your data. 

Complete Contact Center Software

Global and scalable virtual call center software. 

Call Metrics offers a variety of plans based on what your company needs. Each plan includes schedule routing, however, the more advanced features are included in their higher-level plans. 


cheap call center softwareAVOXI understands that every company needs are different which is why we have different levels of call routing services. AVOXI specializes in small, medium, and growing businesses!

If you already have an existing PBX that you and just want the call routing software, then you are in luck! With our Genius Essential Plan, you can still use your PBX and add on call routing that would include several different features such as: 

Time of day routing

Based on the time calls are coming in they will be routed to the best agent. 


Create an automated recording for callers to interact with their keypad on their phones to access the department best suited for their call

Custom ring

Set a predetermined time a phone will ring before turning it over to another agent to ensure efficient response times. 

Voicemail transaction

Instantly get a voicemail translated and sent to your email!

If you would like to add another user to the software you can simply do so for an additional $5 per user. You also receive 15 days free of call recording! 

Looking for a plan that has just a little bit more that is still unbelievably affordable? Our Genius Contact plan is our one-stop-shop perfect if you are looking to include a virtual phone and add outbound services. It includes all of the above features in addition to: 

Call Queues

Distribute incoming calls to specific agents based on the caller's needs.

Monitor Live Calls

Listen in and monitor on calls to ensure the customer is receiving the ultimate customer service.

AVOXI offers unbeatable low prices perfect for those who are looking to get all the important call routing features without being forced to purchase unwanted additional features. However, for those who would like to add in additional features, we didn't forget about you! We have a plan designed for you too!

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Still Unsure About What The Best Call Routing Provider Is Best For Your Call Center?

Hopefully, this post was helpful in deciphering between what the top call routing providers for call centers have to offer! If you still have some questions about the top call centers for call routing, let us know!