The 11 Best Call Recording Services

Looking for the best call recording system for your company? In this article, we compare the top call recording service providers for business, as well as the wide range of options you have. At AVOXI, we believe nobody can compete with us in terms of value and service, but we might not be a good fit for everyone, so we compiled a list of the best alternatives for phone call recording. Before we begin, you should understand the types of call recording service/solution available.

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Types of Call Recording Service Providers

There are three simple categories we can divide your call recording service options into. We'll call those business phone system providers, VoIP phone number services, and stand-alone call recording service providers.

Business Phone System Providers

First, you have business phone system providers that include call recording as a feature. This includes service providers like RingCentral, Vonage, and 8x8. These types of services are great if you need a complete business phone system or contact center solution along with advanced call recording features.

VoIP Call Services

Next, you have VoIP phone number providers that include call recording systems as a feature with any virtual number you buy from them. This includes services such as CallRail, AVOXI, Globalcallforwarding and Tollfreeforwarding. These services are perfect for businesses small and large that want call recording but don't need a full virtual phone system replacement.

Stand-Alone Call Recording Service

Finally, you have standalone call recording services. This includes companies such a VoiceStamps, CallCabinet and Orecx. This option would be best if you only need call recording, and no other features or virtual phone numbers. These call recording services are excellent for entrepreneurs or people who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Types of Call Recording Features

Standard Call Recording Features

No matter which call recording provider you decide to go with, you can expect a few standard features to be included. Aside from actually recording the calls, you will have access to the calls after they have been completed. Typically, the calls will be stored in the cloud, and you will have an allotted amount of hours included in your plan.

As phone call recordings can add up quickly, there are usually time constraints on how long the recordings can be kept. These usually vary by provider, but many offer extended plans to keep recordings longer than the standard 30-90 days.

Implementing phone call recording can greatly help with quality monitoring and assurance, customer retention, and training of employees.

Specialized Call Recording Features

Some call recording systems include advanced features, specifically geared towards call centers and training. For example, at least one call recording service on our list below offer advanced speech analytics, which can help provide insight into trends with customer calls. You can single out certain keywords to help enhance customer experiences and provide better training insights in the future (Orecx, 8x8, Callrail).

In most cases, service providers will charge an additional per minute rate for using these types of voice analytics with your call recordings.

Call Recording via Virtual Number

If you're looking to have a complete phone solution with call recording as an available features, we recommend the following three providers:

AVOXI Call Recording

AVOXI includes 15 days of free inbound and outbound call recording with any virtual phone number plan. Initially, you will get 30 days of free call recording to test the feature out. After that, you can choose to continue using an extended call recording plan or switch to the free 15-day option. Extended call recording service from AVOXI starts at $6.99 per month for 30 days of storage. Virtual numbers with AVOXI start at $4.49, and call rates range from $0.008-$0.04 per minute. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts for phone numbers in 150+ countries. You can also get paid when you port existing phone numbers to AVOXI.

If desired, you can opt for a larger call recording package. AVOXI offers a 90 day and 1 year call recording storage package, at $19.99 and $69.99 per line/month respectively. You can record unlimited minutes, which are subject to fair use restrictions. To learn more about call recording with AVOXI, you can visit the hosted call recording page.

CallRail Call Recording

Services such as CallRail offer packages with multiple numbers included, unlike Vonage and Ringcentral. Those two are more of a cloud communications platform, while CallRail is more along the lines of tracking phone calls and managing leads.

CallRail offers plans ranging from $30-$120/month, and include local numbers, an allotment of minutes, call recording, email notifications and call forwarding. You can purchase additional local numbers and toll free numbers for an additional monthly fee.

CallRail also offers CallScribe with keyword spotting and Call Highlights, which is similar to speech analytics. CallScribe will transcribe the conversation between the caller and your employee, and highlight any key phrases or words that you set. This add-on feature costs $0.02-$0.025/minute depending on which plan you buy.

Out of the 4 providers included in this section, CallRail has focused the most on their call recording feature and is definitely the top choice for companies who have the need and the budget for those types of premium features.

Tollfreeforwarding Call Recording

Tollfreeforwarding, much like AVOXI, offers virtual number plans and gives you the option to add incoming call recording onto your virtual number plan. Tollfreeforwarding call recording breaks down as follows: $7/month + $0.03/minute. If you want, you can also opt to save call recordings for more than 30 days for an additional $0.03/minute per month.

This is a good option if you do not intend to keep a lot of call recordings, as the costs can add up quickly. Additionally, you have to pay a fee to access your recordings instantly.

Globalcallforwarding Call Recording

Globalcallforwarding offers their call recording services as an add on feature, similar to AVOXI and Tollfreeforwarding. Globalcallforwarding charges a base fee of $3/month and $0.03/minute for inbound call recording, with storage for 30 days. If desired, they will keep recorded calls for an additional 5 months for a fee.

All calls are automatically recorded, but you can change what percentage of calls you record via their dashboard. Globalcallforwarding is a great option if you simply need to record calls, and don't need tons of advanced features.

Do Any of These Call Recording Services Look Right for You?

If you choose to choose one of these providers for your call recording, you will need to compare costs of the number you plan to buy. As their services are similarly priced, the cost of the number can be a major variable. Calls storage is also important to take into consideration. However, since not all of the providers offer pricing on extended storage, you will need to reach out for those costs.

Call Recording via Office Phone Solutions

If you're looking to have a complete phone solution with call recording as an available features, we recommend the following three providers:

RingCentral Phone Call Recording System

RingCentral is business communications company, offering cloud based small business phone system solutions. RingCentral offers plans ranging from $30-$60/month per user, but per their website, RingCentral only includes automatic call recording in their standard package or larger (with manual call recording being the only option in the standard package). RingCentral keeps recorded calls for 90 days, with up to 100,000 recordings per account. They also allow you to download and keep recordings for your own records. All packages also come with an allotment of talk minutes and a local or toll free number.

You can also add additional toll free/local numbers to any plan for an additional $4.99/month. Additional international local and international toll free numbers are also available for $5.99/user and $14.99/month (+$25 one time set-up fee) respectively. Additionally, RingCentral and Vonage use dynamic pricing, which can lower costs with more lines being used.

Vonage Phone Call Recording System

Vonage, much like RingCentral, is a business communications company offering business cloud solutions for your entire office. Their plans, depending on the size of your company, can range from $15-$40/month per user. All plans come with unlimited calling and SMS messaging, mobile and desktop apps, and team messaging.

Call recording will need to be purchased separately from your plan. If you opt for their advanced plan, you will get 15 hours of call recording included in your plan. If you would like company wide call recording, you can purchase it for $49.99 per month, and it comes with 500 hours of storage, with additional blocks of 250 hours of storage available for $19.99.

On demand call recording can also be purchased for $4.99/month per extension, and comes with 15 hours of online cloud storage. You can manage all the recordings via the Vonage user portal.

8x8 Phone Call Recording System

8x8 offers business phone systems, integrated phone, meetings and team messaging, and cloud contact center services. 8x8 offers plans for small businesses and enterprises alike, making them a dynamic player in the industry.

Their small business “X Series” business phone system offers 4 plans, ranging from $28-$115 per user/month. All of their plans include call recording, with varying amounts of media storage for your recorded calls.

Similar to their business phone systems, their “X Series” Cloud Service plans range from $28-$175 per user/month, and all offer call recording. Their advanced plans come with a wide array of features, and are most likely geared towards large call center environments.

Interested in Any of These Call Recording Systems?

Depending on the size of your business, some of these providers may be a better fit than others. If you have a lot of employees and a lot of recordings, choosing a service like Vonage or RingCentral might be best for you. Taking into account how many calls you make, how long you need them for, and if you want to download them should help drive your decision between these 3 options.

Call Recording as a Standalone Service

If you're looking to have call recording as a standalone service, take a look at these three call recording services:

Voicestamps offers call recording services that automatically record all calls, without having to press a button to activate the service. Voicestamps charges a $25 set-up fee, then $25/month after that. They also charge $0.06-$0.10 per minute of recorded calls.

Voicestamps also offers outbound call recording. They charge a $25 set-up fee, $25/month and $0.10 per minute. It it not immediately clear if they offer a discount for bundling these services.

Voicestamps Call Recording

phone call recording solutions

CallCabinet Call Recording

CallCabinet offers a service called ATMOS, a software as a service that uses the cloud to record customer conversations. Per their website, they use a "pay as you grow" monthly payment system. They also integrate with most major telephony systems, including Skype for Business, Asterisk and Lync. CallCabinet also offer graphical call representation, showing conversation patterns and give you the ability to flag parts of calls for review (similar to speech analytics).

They do not offer pricing on their website, but offer a 30 day free trial to test the software and see if their phone recording system is right for your business.

Orecx Call Recording

Orecx also offers call recording as a standalone service, with a variety of different recording options. They claim that their services are 50% less than competitors, but you will need to contact them for pricing.

The call recording product Orecx offers, called Oreka CR, is a cloud recording software that is “implemented literally within minutes via simple IP address provisioning”. They also offer total call recording software, which is “open source software”, meaning the code is freely available for anyone to inspect, modify or enhance. They also offer auto-tagging, to help target specific words or phrases in conversations. Orecx does not offer their prices, as they tailor their plans to fit each customers needs.

Do Any of These Call Recording Solutions Look Right For You?

Voicestamps, CallCabinet and Orecx all offer similar services, and would be all be good options for small businesses and entrepreneurs. However, the costs for Voicestamps can add up quickly as your business grows. CallCabinet offering a "pay as you grow" plan would seemingly make them a great option if you plan to grow your business in the coming years. If you want a robust feature set, your best bet would be to look into Orecx.

Not Sure Which Call Recording Service is Best for Your Business?

We are here to help! If you did not find what you were looking for in this post or have additional questions about call recording services for business, contact us today! We'll help you find the best service provider for your needs, even if that isn't us.

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