Leveraging Cloud Communications for Your Software Company’s SAM Process

Software and tech companies require reliable communications to interact with customers. But, that same technology can support other areas of your business. Namely, your IT software asset management process. See how it can help lower costs, boost efficiency, and more below. 


Organizational agility is critical in today’s digital environment, and it takes a robust software asset management (SAM) process to do so effectively. Software and technology companies know all too well the opportunities and challenges that accompany SAM, being that they manage similar tech stack applications like the ones they market. 

The SAM process (or program) is a practice used to grow business infrastructure through effective control, audit, and reconciliation of software assets. It’s a continuous process - one that many IT leaders are refining to lower technology costs and boost efficiency. In fact, enterprises spend roughly $4M in technology and churn through 63% of apps in just under two years. 

One of the most valued assets that software companies can leverage to support their SAM program is unified cloud communications. With the right virtual phone system in place, as-a-Service sales and support agents can better connect to their customers, scale their services, and improve productivity and performance using automation tools all while reducing costs. 

Getting Down to the Basics of Software Asset Management

Implementing this program is a very strategic process that requires steady management of your company’s tech stack. SAM helps manage the lifecycle of your assets. And as your business grows, it can greatly optimize your applications and reduce costs of your IT solutions, and more. 

The basics of software asset management process for businesses.

There are several common software asset management goals that IT leaders address, including:

  1. Reduce software and support costs through contract negotiations and eliminate underutilized licenses
  2. Enforce compliance and corporate security standards
  3. Improve worker productivity 
  4. Limit overhead managing costs through streamlined and/or automating IT processes
  5. Continue refining ongoing SAM processes 

Your network infrastructure is rapidly expanding, and you need tools to help reinforce these goals to keep your business operations moving efficiently. And that’s where communications software holds tremendous value. Here’s how: 

Goal 1: Reducing Telecommunications Costs

The cost-savings associated with cloud communications are well documented. In a study by Nemertes, businesses can reduce their telecommunications costs by 16%, and lower their overall voice expenditures by more than one-third! 

SAM programs work. With these savings, IT leaders can reallocate saved funds to other areas of the business. 34% of businesses saved an average of $16,000 a year by removing redundant apps and shifting to a unified communications (UCaaS) system. 

With a cloud communications solution in your tech stack, there are several ways to reduce costs and save money in your department and contact center. Here’s how it can help: 

  • Lower Rates. BYOC solutions extend voice coverage to customers while keeping their preferred provider and established rates. 
  • Reduced Cost Per Session. Least-cost routing directs calls to termination points through the most cost-effective path. 
  • Better Plans. Pricing strategies like subscription-based, usage-based, or a combination of the two (hybrid pricing) can help set up software and technology companies for success and scale their use as needed.
  • No Additional Costs. No setup fees, no equipment costs, and no contracts.

Goal 2: Enforce Total Compliance

The ability to oversee and enforce total organizational compliance is paramount for a successful SAM program. Hosted session border controllers (SBCs) are designed to automate the backend work for you, equipped with controls to effectively handle localized or centralized policy updates across networks. 

With the transition to unified communications, businesses need to be aware of the fluidness of compliance standards across their tech ecosystem as well as their industry and SIP termination. SBCs ensure every connected application maintains the strictest security and compliance standards automatically. 

In keeping technologies consolidated, cloud communications providers like AVOXI offer a hosted certified SBC to enhance and secure vital interactions. Additional compliance measures include but are not limited to: 

  • CCPA. A state statute to protect digital consumer privacy for residents of California, USA. 
  • GDPR. Regulation that enhances personal data and privacy protections of EU citizens for transactions within EU-member states. 
  • HIPAA. US-based legislation to ensure patient health information (PHI) is protected from being disclosed without the patient’s consent. 
  • PCI-DSS. A requirement for all merchants and companies who accept, store, or transmit credit card information to protect cardholders from identity theft. 
  • POPIA. South Africa data privacy law to regulate the process of citizens’ personal information. 
  • STIR/SHAKEN. US-based FCC security standard to reduce the number of robocalls made to US and Canadian recipients. 

Goal 3: Streamline Workflows for Improved Productivity

Technology optimization determines if software assets are to be renewed or retired come contact end date. Measuring and analyzing its effectiveness within the organization influences those fates. 

As IT leaders are evaluating the utilization of their technologies, AVOXI and other communications platforms can actually help users obtain broader use and functionality of integration tools within their tech stack, enabling teams to work more efficiently together. Rather than toggling between platforms, hosted voice solutions carry out reliable calls and track, record, and audit call logs for optimal performance. 

With an intuitive design to streamline workflows, agents can work faster and smarter using integration and phone tools that drive the most impact from their preferred business tool.  Having the right cloud phone system can assist leaders with key insight across teams and agents in real-time, boosting collaboration and call processes for more meaningful and productive conversations that reinforce your SAM program.

In addition, cloud communication providers reduce overhead by eliminating the need for costly maintenance of their systems. Updates are done for you automatically, so you can keep business running smoothly - aiding Goal 4

Goal 5: Keep All Communications and Ongoing Processes in One Place

A reliable communications platform can lend much-needed support to your technology organization’s software asset management process. VoIP providers with a robust, centralized platform allow agents better management over their business numbers and call flows, saving time and preventing call logging errors. 

AVOXI’s cloud communications platform enables instant number provisioning, service metric monitoring, call routing updates, and more from within its virtual walls. Here are some additional benefits you can expect: 

  • Flexible Communications. Easily scale your communications as your organization does. Our bundled, volume-based packages and no-term contracts allow businesses to pay-as-you-go for flexibility and scalability when you need it. 
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Move your communications to the cloud and lower the need for hardware tech and maintenance, reducing TCO and increasing profitability.
  • Network Reliability. SIP trunking provides more uptime and network redundancy to make sure your call center is always online. 
  • Advanced Reporting. VoIP-sourced call reports for up-to-the-minute customer experience, agent performance, and voice quality insights to support optimal service level. 
  • Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. With BYOC capabilities, MS Teams users benefit from better international voice coverage, lower call rates, and excellent call quality through direct routing.  
  • Local Presence Dialing. AVOXI’s TrueLocal 2-way voice numbers enable global businesses to elevate their sales strategy while gaining the confidence and trust of their legacy and prospective customers. 

Choosing the Right Communications Tool for Your SAM Process

We understand that you have a lot of business tools to manage to keep your revenue-driving teams pacing against targets. When you work with a cloud communications provider like AVOXI, you get the most out of your investment with voice, messaging, and contact center solutions at your fingertips - all in one intuitive platform. We help software and technology manage their global communications while staying within budget. 

See How AVOXI Can Support Your Software Asset Management Program

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