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Comparing Call Center Software Providers: inContact vs Five9

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If you are in the market for a hosted cloud contact center software provider, you have probably noticed that there are plenty of competitors in the market these days. Two of the most unique leaders in the industry today for large call center teams are Five9 and inContact. Both companies offer blended call center solutions geared towards enterprise level customers.

If you are looking for a comprehensive VoIP solution for a large team of agents, this comparative article will help you understand how both of these cloud call center software providers may be able to support your business.

A Side-by-Side Look: Five9 vs inContact


Five9 and inContact are both on the advanced end of the spectrum when it comes to cloud based call center software. Both competitors offer a similar set of features, including: advanced IVR, live call monitoring, custom reporting, outbound dialer, screen pops, CRM integration, multichannel integration and a supervisor mobile app.

One of the ways Five9 has distinguished itself from other call center software providers is by emphasizing their advanced automatic dialer and outbound/blended call center features. Most VoIP providers focus on inbound call center solutions. However, inContact is fairly unique in marketing itself to enterprise-level customers, and they offer a comprehensive outbound dialer with similar functionality as the Five9 dialer as an optional add-on with their service.

Five9 and inContact are leaders in the advancement of multichannel integration with their service. Both services integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; Five9 also includes Google+, Youtube and Slideshare in its social integrations. Both solutions are supported by an intuitive user interface (UI) with dashboards and comprehensive reporting abilities. Both companies also have a strong reputation for their service and functionality, and there are very few advantages one has over the other.

Neither Five9 or inContact advertise their prices on their websites. However, Five9 and inContact presents themselves as premium providers of cloud call center software and price their services accordingly. When asked about the pricing of their blended solution, a Five9 agent quoted $175 per seat for 10 seats or more and a one-time set-up fee of $250. (The price per seat may be as much as $50 lower if you are only interested in an inbound solution rather than their blended offering.)

inContact allows you to select the specific features you would like included in your package, so pricing per seat is hard to estimate and may vary greatly. That said, inContact does have a hefty monthly subscription minimum for their services, though they mention they may allow customers to start off with a less expensive subscription and gradually build up. If you have less than fifteen agents, the lack of a minimum subscription makes Five9 the more economic choice. However, if you have a large team and need a combined inbound and outbound call center solution, the difference in pricing will be minimal.

Support Packages

Five9 and inContact both have strong reputations for great customer support, but there are a few key differences that may make a big difference for some potential customers. Both companies include 24/7 phone and chat support with their service, as well as user manuals and the option to have a representative train your team with their product.

But, the major difference between the two is the additional training they offer for their clients. With Five9, you can choose to have an online call center training course for your agents included with your purchase. It appears this includes a customized curriculum, online lessons and training materials, and an online certification exam. While this is a valuable option for clients that want to use Five9’s product more efficiently, inContact offers more in depth support packages with their service.

In addition to the support features included with their service, inContact’s “Premier Success” packages allow you to include a dedicated support manager, quarterly evaluations of business goals, semi-annual strategy sessions, as well as free staff training at an inContact office location and discounted rates for on-premise training.

Although this package does incur an additional monthly cost, it is an unusually in-depth support offering in comparison to competitors and more versatile than Five9’s certification training.

Which Call Center Software Provider Is Right for You?

Five9 and inContact are both solid options for businesses with a large telecom budget and a need for advanced call center features. Both companies are leaders in the outbound call center market, offer a plethora of reporting options and use a user-friendly, intuitive UI.

Both companies offer a similar product in terms of functionality, so choosing whether Five9 or inContact is the better fit for your business will most likely come down to pricing and what you expect from your provider’s support team. If you have a team of twenty agents or more, the price difference between the two competitors will most likely be negligible.

If you have a smaller team, Five9 will probably be the more economical option due to inContact’s hefty minimum monthly subscription. Since neither company advertises specific per-seat prices, you should reach out to both and see which one might be a better fit. If you are still unsure about whether Five9 or inContact is the best fit for your business, try them out. Both companies offer a free 30-day trial of their product.

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