Comparing Call Transcription Companies

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So you’re interested in a call transcription service. Maybe you want notes based on your sales or customer service calls or you need to notate an interview you took over the phone. In any case, you want to fully explore your options before deciding on a call transcription service. In this article we’ll compare two popular call transcription companies, and Trint. is a call recording and transcription platform. They’re one of the largest in the world and work heavily in the education sector as well as with Fortune 500 companies.

They offer everything you need to record a call, transcribe a call or do both. They also offer video captioning service. Using their system is extremely easy with their app. Your recordings are sent to professional transcriptionist with one quick press of a button. offers several packages for their service. You can pay for access to their recording service, their transcription service or both. Recording access can be used for free, or you can explore their other packages if you need more functionality, such as their $8 a month unlimited plan. Transcription starts at $.75 a minute and can go as high as $34 an hour for a 10-hour block of time. For bundled service, you can get started for as low as $43 an hour for an hour block of time.


Trint is an automated transcription company that offers an all in one system for searching and editing your audio and video content. It’s an ideal tool for anyone, but especially those working in law and justice, the media, business marketing, or education. Because of its automated nature, Trint prides itself on its fast turnaround time.

The system works by quickly auto-transcribing your recordings, allowing for quick searching and editing. You can also optimize your content by easily sharing it from their platform.

Trint offers both individual and team plans. For an individual plan, they offer a pay as you go starting at $.25 a minute. There’s a basic tier at $40 a month and a supercharged tier at $120 a month. If you’re looking for access for your entire team, get started at $40, use their supercharged level at $120, or use their corporate package at $250 a month. Each tier varies based on the number of hours of uploading you get.

Compare and Trint are two popular options on the market for a call transcription service. By comparing these two top companies, you’re given a better look at what you should expect out a service, the cost that’s associated with it and how you’ll interact with the system if and when you decide to purchase it. This comparison should help as a first look in your feature buying process, so you can make the most informed decision when it comes to your new service.


The cost of call transcription varies by type of service. It’s important to identify what it means for your use to determine your costs.