Cloud Call Center Providers: Comparing AVOXI vs inContact

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Finding the right cloud call center provider for your business can be a difficult task in such a competitive industry. There are a wide variety of service providers within the industry that cater to different business needs. Cloud call center providers may offer solutions specific to the size of a company and the industry it is in. And, most of them sell their products in specific packages with a defined list of features and guaranteed services, which means even more research for business owners.

We understand that finding the right virtual call center software provider can be a daunting project – especially with all of the options that are available. To help make the decision easier, we will explore the differences between two industry leaders for cloud contact center solutions: inContact and AVOXI.

Comparing Cloud Call Center Functionality & On Boarding


AVOXI is a one-stop shop for VoIP phone services, international toll free and local phone numbers, as well as call center software for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

InContact provides call center features and business services catered to enterprise-level customers at premium pricing. Both companies will provide you with the standard call center features you expect from a VoIP provider, such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, live call monitoring and historical reporting.

AVOXI and inContact’s call center packages both provide the comprehensive live monitoring and custom reporting functions you should expect from your VoIP provider. AVOXI also allows you to purchase a call tracking feature so you may track the success of your advertising campaigns, and inContact offers a premium analytics package if you need advanced reporting.

On Boarding

Smart Queue, AVOXI’s call center solution, is designed to be simple to understand and easy to use by businesses of any size. To get your business started, AVOXI’s engineering team gathers your business requirements configures the solution based on those needs. The on boarding team then walks you through the setup materials and provides training for call center managers and administrators. Depending on your business’s needs, setup and on boarding time may vary.

InContact’s call center software may take additional time for onboarding due to the nature of the solution and the size of your company; however, the company offers comprehensive training packages for a monthly fee to help make the move seamless.

Both companies have strong reputations for service uptime, and inContact even includes a 99.9% SLA with their product, so you are guaranteed minimal system downtime.

Comparing Cloud Call Center Pricing

AVOXI is proud to make all of its products at a price that is competitive on the global market. AVOXI’s call center solution, Smart Queue, is offered in three tiers so you can select the package that best suits your business needs. AVOXI’s most complete solution, Smart Queue Without Limits, is offered at $55 per seat plus usage.

AVOXI also offers a cloud call center plan for businesses that need unlimited inbound calling from the US and Canada: Smart Queue Unlimited. This plan is offered at $84.99 per user per month, and includes essential features like live call monitoring and custom reporting.

InContact does not advertise its pricing or particular feature packages online; instead, they provide a custom quote based on your call center needs. That way, you don’t pay for features that you won’t use. That said, inContact is marketed towards large businesses. According to one source, inContact requires a hefty minimum technology subscription per month*, which does not include the cost of minutes used or premium support and training packages.

Cloud Call Center Support

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a call center provider is how reliant you will be on their support team, and whether or not they are going to be able to meet your needs.

AVOXI is proud to offer all customers, no matter their size, full access to all training materials and product guides, as well as 24/7 phone and email support.

Any inContact service package comes with their “Care Success” support package, which includes access to a dedicated manager, 24x7 support and annual business reviews and strategy sessions. In addition to this, inContact offers two additional “Premier Success” package add-ons for enterprise managers that want additional training and support for their team. These packages are billed with your monthly invoices and include features like additional dedicated manager hours per month, quarterly evaluations of business goals and direction, semi-annual strategy sessions, free training at inContact offices, and discounted rates for on-premise training.

If you have a basic understanding of call center software and you are satisfied with user guides included with your 24x7 phone and email support, AVOXI’s customer service agreement is the more affordable option of the two. If you prioritize additional training and consultation with your service, and you have a large telecom budget, the additional support packages offered by inContact may be valuable.

Comparing Cloud Call Center Providers

When it comes to delivering the beneficial VoIP features you should expect from your cloud contact center, both AVOXI and inContact are reliable providers. Both companies have strong reputations for low outage times and consistent call quality.

The primary difference between the two comes in the form of price, support options, and the size of customer for which their service is designed. InContact is designed for large enterprises in need of advanced functionality, but the hefty monthly subscription minimum may be cost-prohibitive for many small or mid-size businesses.

Determining the costs and benefits that suit your business’s unique needs is the most important part of choosing the cloud contact center provider that is best for your company. For more comparisons of cloud call center providers, explore these related articles:

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*Source dated July 2014.