Hosted Call Center Solutions: Comparing AVOXI vs Talkdesk

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The benefits of VoIP services for call centers have been well established. In response, more and more VoIP providers have been rushing into the virtual contact center market to compete for customers. Choosing a provider can be a significant commitment, and with so many options available it is important for potential customers to do their research and know what to expect before choosing a provider.

Although many VoIP providers are new to the market, many customers prefer doing business with an established provider that has proven its reliability. AVOXI and Talkdesk are two such companies, and both have their own unique benefits to offer growing call centers. Read on to learn more about what these companies can do for your business needs.

Comparing Hosted Call Center Features

Talkdesk and AVOXI will both provide you with all the useful features you would expect from a hosted call center solution. Both companies offer three different price tiers, so you can choose a package with a feature set that suits you rather than getting a “one size fits all” solution.

Two key points then are which features these providers offer with each package, as well as the format with which they deliver them to you.

Talkdesk was one of the original competitors to offer their product over a browser-based user interface. Many customers like the convenience of this format and many companies have since adopted this platform.

AVOXI’s call center solution, Smart Queue, is also accessed over an Internet browser, but does not include the same level of integration as Talkdesk does with browsers like Chrome. But, AVOXI offers its most feature-rich tier of Smart Queue for a lower price than Talkdesk mid-tier “Professional” package, and for less than half of their “Enterprise” package. AVOXI offers its next highest tier, “Take Flight,” at a lower cost than Talkdesk’s “Starter” package. Finally, the basic “Start & Grow” tier or Smart Queue is offered for less than half the price of Talkdesk’s “Starter” package.

Since Smart Queue’s mid-tier package “Take Flight” is currently offered for more than 30% less than Talkdesk’s “Starter” bundle, let’s start by comparing what you can expect from each.

Talkdesk SMB Starter vs AVOXI Smart Queue Take Flight

Talkdesk Starter’s comprehensive contact history feature is a very useful function for a basic solution to offer. This allows your agents easy access to a customer’s history while they are on the phone, including past cases, notes, and call transcripts. Their contact importer and desktop notification features are also great functions that Smart Queue does not offer to the same extent at this time.

However, call whisper and barge, call conferencing,  and custom caller ID are all vital functions you should expect from your cloud call center application. These features are available with the Take Flight edition of AVOXI's call center product, but not Talkdesk SMB Starter.

In addition, Talkdesk does not include phone support with any package besides Enterprise, while AVOXI provides 24/7 phone support to all customers. To summarize, Talkdesk can offer you most of the features that Smart Queue can as well as some that it can’t, but AVOXI offers premium packages of its hosted call center solution at a similar or lower cost than Talkdesk’s basic package.

Comparing Hosted Call Center Support Options

AVOXI and Talkdesk provide FAQs, support articles, and video guides for their customers to use at their convenience.

Unlike most competitors, both AVOXI and Talkdesk offer their customers around the clock phone support for when hands-on help is needed to resolve an issue. The difference is that Talkdesk only offers phone support for “Enterprise” customers, while AVOXI’s phone support is available for all customers.

The Talkdesk SMB Starter package is limited to email support, while their “Professional” tier is include onboard coaching to help new users learn how to use and customize their product, which is very helpful for new users when it comes to making the transition to a new call center software.

Comparing Hosted Call Center Pricing

Unlike many hosted call center providers, AVOXI specializes in international communications, and provides services for call centers around the world. As such, their call center solution is offered at a price that is competitive on the global market. AVOXI’s starting call center package, Smart Queue Start & Grow, is offered at less than half the price of Talkdesk’s “Standard” package.

Smart Queue Without Limits, AVOXI’s most complete package, is available for 30% less than Talkdesk’s mid-tier solution and less than half of what the Talkdesk “Enterprise” costs.

Another important difference is that while Talkdesk advertises the monthly cost of their services, the subscription is billed annually. AVOXI allows monthly payment plans and offers discounted prices if you would like to use an annual payment plan.

Choosing a Hosted Call Center Solution

So, which call center provider is right for your business? Let's compare the two solutions at a glance:

Talkdesk customers like their browser based UI and advanced functionality. In addition, the onboard coaching service and “Dedicated Success Manager” can be quite helpful with making the transition to their product seamless. They also offer integrations with a number of applications, including CRM software.

AVOXI differentiates itself by offering the call center features you need at competitive pricing, as well as 24/7 phone support for all customers. Plus, AVOXI offers toll free and local numbers with affordable calling rates for over 70 countries; this is especially beneficial for call centers that serve customers worldwide.

Depending on the unique needs of your business, the best contact center solution varies. Use the information provided above along with the needs and budget of your business to make the right decision.