If you are searching for a blended contact center solution for your business, you have probably seen RingCentral and Five9 appear in search results. Two of the bigger competitors in the industry, both providers are reputable solutions when it comes to inbound and outbound call center solutions, including predictive dialer software.

In this review, we compare the most notable differentiators between Five9 and RingCentral to help you make a decision on which provider is right for you.

Predictive Dialer Software Functionality and Support

Both Five9 and RingCentral are big names in the contact center industry, and their automatic dialers share the ability to run the standard dialing modes you should expect (predictive, preview and progressive) as well as a campaign manager. This means that both solutions will cover your basic outbound dialing solutions.

That said, Five9 does offer an additional “power” dialing function, which combines progressive dialing with the adaptive functionality of predictive dialing. It is important to note that Five9’s automatic dialer and outbound features are the pride of their blended solution. They advertise it heavily and are one of the only virtual contact center providers who are known specifically for their outbound solution.

RingCentral, on the other hand, is known primarily for their inbound services and only offers their automatic dialer with their “Ultimate” call center plan. They do not make the same marketing effort for their outbound dialer as Five9 does. RingCentral also does not have demo videos of their campaign manager and dialer set up like Five9 does, nor do they elaborate on the functionality of this dialer as clearly as Five9 does.

Each company's positioning on predictive dialer software is relevant for several reasons. First, a logical inference from the difference in their marketing and content effort made around their dialer is that Five9 prioritizes their outbound solution and invests more into the functionality of their automatic dialer.

Second, while RingCentral has a solid overall satisfaction rating from their customers, the company has received some criticism from reviewers about outsourcing their support, which sometimes leads to support reps offering inconsistent fixes and information due to internal communication issues. Since Five9’s outbound and blended solution is their staple solution, it is likely they spend more of their resources on educating support and updating issues that arise from their dialer.

Predictive Dialer Software Pricing

Five9’s blended contact center solution and Ring Central’s “Ultimate” call center solution are offered at a similar monthly rate. Ring Central openly advertises the price of their plans, while Five9 requires you to contact them for a quote. However, Five9’s blended call center reportedly comes in at a monthly rate of $165 - $175 per seat, and a one-time set up fee of $250.

RingCentral has a wide range of prices for their tiers, but their automatic dialer is only offered with their “Ultimate” plan. This plan is advertised at $175 per month with no installation fees. (However, RingCentral may offer a discount of as much as $20 per seat on your monthly invoice depending on the number of seats you order.) Also, since the automatic dialer is the only differentiator advertised between their “Ultimate” and “Advanced” solutions, it appears that RingCentral is offering their dialer as a $60 per-seat add-on to their “Advanced” plan. They also claim no hidden fees or start up costs will be included on your quote, though this does not make a huge difference in the long-run considering the monthly cost of the solutions. To compare Five9 and RingCentral's pricing to similar alternatives, check out FitSmallBusiness' analysis of RingCentral competitors.

Five9 vs RingCentral Predictive Dialing Software: Conclusions

Five9 may place a higher priority on the functionality and support process of their automatic dialer than RingCentral does, though this is just based on the advertisement effort and content offered on each company’s website. Five9 also offers an additional “power” dialing mode that Ring Central lacks. They also offer their competing plans at similar monthly rates, although Ring Central is more transparent with their prices and claim that customers do not pay installation or support fees, which may make them the more affordable plan overall.

If your contact center is primarily outbound focused and you don’t mind initial set-up fees, Five9 may be the right option for your business. If you are primarily an inbound call center and want to work with a bigger company with a proven track record, RingCentral may suit your business' needs. If you are on the fence, reach out to both companies. Your deciding factor may depend on hidden fees, cost of minutes, and discounts, which can’t be accounted for before actually receiving a quote.

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*Pricing listed in this review is current as of August 12, 2016.