How to Find Available Vanity Phone Numbers

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We’ve all heard the jingles on our TV sets and sung the advertisements in our heads for days… vanity numbers- if done correctly - can do wonders for your business. 

What exactly is a vanity phone number? We’re glad you asked. Vanity phone numbers are local or toll-free numbers that spell words or follow a distinct pattern to be memorable or match your business’s branding. 

And believe it or not- this easy-to-remember brand recognition can do wonders for your business. A custom phone number can make your number stand out in advertising, whether that’s on TV, online, in print or outdoor. It can also mean more sales. In fact, vanity numbers can increase incoming calls by 25-50%. And of course, more calls means more opportunities to create customers. 

The best part is, getting a personalized 800 number or local vanity phone number is simple. If you’ve ever purchased a website domain, the process is quite similar. Just use a phone number availability tool to see if your desired number is available. Once you find a vanity phone number that works for your business, you buy it from the provider that owns it. Then you can use that provider’s phone service or port the number to your preferred phone service company. Within days, you’ll be taking calls at your memorable vanity phone number! 

As you begin searching for the best vanity phone number for your organization, you’ll want to know who to buy your vanity phone number from, which types of vanity numbers are available, and what resources you can utilize when purchasing your number. We’ve covered all of this and so much more below. Read it up and good luck on your vanity phone number search!

Types of Vanity Phone Numbers

There are several types of vanity phone numbers that businesses love to have. Here are the three most popular vanity phone number types:

Branded Phone Numbers

If your business name or type lends itself well to a short word, a branded phone number can be a great way to make calling your company easy and fun. You can select a sequence of digits that correspond to the letters assigned to each number on a dial pad to spell out a word with your vanity phone number. The sequence can be just the last four numbers. For example, 800-222-GROW (4769). Or, the sequence can take up all seven digits of the local portion of your phone number. For example, 800-USA-BANK (800-872-2265) or (212) CALL JOE.

Branded VIP phone numbers are great because they are easy to remember and fun to use. Your business can tie a branded phone number into your marketing efforts. Some businesses, like 1-800-FLOWERS, have built their entire brand around their vanity phone numbers.

Repeater Phone Numbers

Repeater vanity phone numbers use the same numbers to create a pattern that’s easy to recall. Repeater phone numbers might use a single digit for all seven digits, alternate numbers in an XXYY or XYXY pattern, or use numbers in another easy to remember sequence. For example:

  • (212) 333-3333
  • (416) 800-1212
  • (305) 282-8822

Thousand/Million Numbers

Numbers that end in three or five zeros are "thousand" or "million" numbers. Businesses covet these phone numbers because they are whole, round numbers that only require callers to remember the unique number that starts the sequence: X00-0000 or XXX-0000. For example:

  • (212) 500-0000
  • (416) 555-0000
  • (305) 527-5000

How to Find Vanity Phone Numbers

Now that we’ve explored what vanity phone numbers are, let’s look at how you can score a toll-free vanity phone number for your business. There are three simple steps to take for finding the perfect vanity phone number for your business.

How to Get Vanity Numbers in the US

For Toll Free

1. Find a Toll Free Number Provider. First, you’ll need to find a toll-free phone number provider that can supply your toll-free vanity number. There are several to choose from, but to make your search easy, here’s a list of the top six U.S. toll free number providers.

Keep in mind that each toll-free number provider offers benefits; choose the one that offers the right combination of services and price for your business.

You can use a phone number lookup tool to check the availability of your desired toll-free vanity number. This lets you search available vanity numbers for your business by toll-free prefix. You can also call or email a vanity number provider to see if they have the number you're looking for. 

2. Find a phone service provider and start taking calls. After you’ve secured your custom toll-free phone number, you’ll decide if you want to stay with the provider that offers the number (if they offer phone services) or if you want to port your number to another service provider

You’ll want to choose a service plan based on your anticipated call volume and services you’ll need. In fact, AVOXI offers toll-free number services in more than 160 countries with services such as call recording, call forwarding, custom caller ID and more.

After selecting your service plan, you’ll activate your account and begin taking calls! Your service provider should follow up with you to ensure your toll-free vanity number as well as your service add-ons are working.

For Local 

1. Find a local vanity phone number vendor. Use any one of the many vanity phone number lookup tools online or call a provider about their availability. They’ll show you which branded or patterned phone numbers are available for your desired area code. Some of the more popular local vanity phone number databases are:

Once you’ve found a vanity phone number in your area code, you’ll need to find a vanity phone number provider. Many local phone number service providers offer add-on services such as business phone features and number porting credits. Some, like AVOXI, will search other global databases for the vanity phone number you’re looking for in addition to their own to help you find the phone number you want, even if that number belongs to another provider.

Keep in mind that you might end up advertising your local vanity phone numbers without the area code, so you’ll want a letter sequence or pattern that can stand out with just seven digits. Consider creating a phone number sequence that differs from the typical US/Canada format of a three digit block followed by a four-digit block, such as CALL-AMY or BLOOM-4U.

2. Choose a phone service plan and start accepting calls.
Next, you’ll want to choose a service plan based on your anticipated call volume and services you’ll need. AVOXI offers local phone number services with extras such as call recording, call forwarding, custom caller ID and more.

After selecting your local vanity number and your service plan, you’ll activate your account and begin taking calls! Your service provider should follow up with you to ensure your vanity number and service add-ons are working.

For Mobile

If you’re in the market for a custom mobile phone number, you’re in luck: Getting a vanity cell phone number is quick and easy! The same sites listed above that check on the availability of vanity phone numbers work for mobile phone numbers, too. Here’s five steps for getting a custom cell phone number in the U.S.:

  1. Brainstorm a few vanity phone number variations you’d be happy to have. Not all vanity cell phone numbers are available, so it’s good to have alternatives you can live with.
  2. Find an available number using a local phone number availability search tool, such as Ringboost, Grasshopper or
  3. Buy that number and get the account information for it.
  4. Give that account information to your current mobile phone service provider. They’ll explain how to port, or transfer, your new number to your phone service plan.
  5. Tell your business contacts and friends about your new custom cell phone number!

How to Get Vanity Numbers in Canada

The process to get toll free, local, or mobile vanity numbers in Canada is the exact same as the US. If you want a number, plenty of providers have tools to check available ones. You can go provider to provider until you find a number you want, and then use that provider's or another provider's phone service to start taking calls. 

Want to expedite the process? When you contact AVOXI to find a specific vanity number, we'll check our inventory and the national inventory for you. Even if we don't have the number, we'll point you in the right direction so you can get the number you're looking for.

How to Get VIP Numbers in the UK

Vanity phone numbers are available in the United Kingdom. They’re called non-geographical numbers, or NGNs, and begin with 08, 03 or 09. UK phone numbers have ten digits like the U.S. and Canada although Brits format theirs differently: xxxx xxxxxx or xx xxxx xxxx. (Add country code +44 to the beginning of any UK phone number if you’re calling from another country.)

Even if you don’t have a location in the UK, and thus have no need for a local number there, you can still get a UK vanity number that forwards to your real phone number. Having such a phone number is a good idea if you do business in the UK but your customer service or support team is based in another country that uses a different phone number format. Call forwarding from a UK vanity number enables British customers to reach you while feeling the comfort of calling a local number.

The process for getting a UK custom phone number is very much like the process in the U.S. or Canada. Once you choose a local or toll-free vanity number, you purchase it from the provider that owns it. Next, you sign up for their phone services, if available, or port the number to your existing phone service provider. You can typically start receiving calls at your UK vanity number within hours.

Looking to get a UK VIP number? AVOXI can help!

Where to Find Vanity Numbers by Industry

There are a few phone number availability tools that offer advanced search features by industry type. These tools are especially helpful if you are searching for industry-specific vanity numbers. A few industries these tools work best for include:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Financial services/banking
  • Real estate / realtors
  • Martial arts
  • Home improvement
  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • Legal

Vanity Number Generators

You can search for vanity phone numbers by industry keyword in whole or in part, and lookup tools will provide lists of available phone numbers that match your criteria. Some popular vanity number generators include:

  • Ringboost offers a toll-free and local vanity phone number lookup based on keyword. Their availability tool will return all toll-free prefixes and local area codes that can accommodate your keyword plus variations.
  • hosts a free phone number lookup tool that lets you type a keyword or part of a keyword, a fixed number or a number pattern. The tool returns all phone numbers that contain your keyword or desired number in all available variations.
  • Grasshopper also hosts a toll-free number lookup. Their phone number tool takes your keyword and finds all available combinations of toll-free prefixes and numbers that spell all or part of your keyword. 

Tools like these will tell you if your desired number is available, or suggest close alternatives if it’s not. As you check on the availability of different combinations of numbers, keep in mind these tips:

  • Toll-free numbers beginning with the traditional 800 prefix are more in demand and often sell at a premium
  • Consider the 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833 toll-free prefixes for cheaper/more available options

Looking for a Vanity Phone Number?

Get a custom number for your business by contacting our global team. Even if we don't have the number for you, we'll point you in the right direction!

Conclusion: Stand Out With a Vanity Phone Number

A memorable vanity phone number can help your business stand out while ledning it more credibility. Generate more leads and more business by providing your customers with an easy-to-remember phone number. Once you find your perfect vanity number, it’s easy to purchase and transfer it to your phone system, whether that’s a single cell phone or a complex on-premise phone network.

AVOXI offers a toll-free vanity phone number lookup tool and premium phone services for businesses interested in using a vanity phone number. Contact us today to get started with your own custom phone number.