How Much Does Blacklisting Cost?


In a call center, you get a lot of inbound call traffic. From current customers to potential customers, your system has to efficiently and effectively manage each of these calls. One thing that may impact your system’s ability to do this is spam, bots, or other fraudulent calls. These calls not only add unwanted traffic to your phone system but also cost your company money for wasted minutes.

Because of this, many businesses choose to utilize call blocking or inbound call blocking, to eliminate unwanted calls. If you’re considering this calling feature, use this article to help guide you and make an informed choice. This article will answer "how much does call blocking cost?” so you budget for this much-needed addition to your phone system.

How Much Does Call Blocking Cost?

Depending on your provider or the provider you’re considering, call blocking can be purchased as part of a bundle of features or an add-on feature. One thing to keep in mind is that this feature is marketed with a variety of different names. Call blocking, call barring and inbound call blocking are all names for this feature capability. This is important to keep in mind when you’re shopping around with different providers. While the names may be different, the basic functionality is the same.

Call Blocking Offered With Bundled Features

One popular way that inbound call blocking is offered is through a bundled set of features. A lot of providers bundle all, or specific segments, of their features together so you have access to some or all of their system’s capabilities. So for a provider that bundles their features, the price tag may be a little higher. But the pay off is that you may already have access to this feature if you’re currently using a system that does this. If not, you'll get access to many other features when you choose to utilize inbound call blocking. This option is typically priced based on cost per seat.

Call Blocking Provided as an Add-On Feature

Other providers let you customize your system very specifically and thus, allow you to pick and choose the features that you utilize on your phone system. While the cost per feature may be more than if you were to bundle them together, this allows you to take advantage of the features that you’ll actually use. With call blocking specifically, you can add this feature on individually with a number of providers. This price can vary depending on the provider but the price starts at around $5 a user a month.

Call blocking is an essential addition to any call center platform or business phone system. Not only does it help eliminate spam calls from overloading your business, but it also helps you save money because you’ll no longer be spending precious budget on wasted minutes. The call blocking feature is offered by numerous providers at a variety of price points. Understand your budget and constraints before selecting the provider that will supply your company with this must-have feature.