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How to Dial South Africa from the United States


For many customers, calling a business abroad can be difficult. Every country has its own unique dialing format, and some countries even have phone numbers with different numbers of digits. This is why we often provide quick reference guides on how to dial certain telephone numbers or reach various countries.

In this quick guide, we explain how to dial South Africa from the United States, and the best options for a South Africa business that caters to United States customers, such as buying a USA virtual phone number.

How to Call South Africa from the US

Calling a South Africa phone number from the USA takes a few more steps than it might if you were dialing a local number. The first thing you need to do is dial the US exit code so that your phone call can leave the country. Do this by dialing 011.

Next, you will need to dial the country code for South Africa, which is 27. Then, dial the 2-digit area code for the region you are trying to contact followed by the standard 7 digit phone number.

Here is the dialing format at a glance: 011 + 27 + XX + XXX XXXX

South Africa Area Codes

Not sure what the area code is for the South Africa region that you are trying to dial? Here's a quick list of South Africa area codes:

Cape Town: 21
Port Elizabeth:
: 51
Bloemfontein: 51
Vereeniging: 16
Pietermaritzburg: 33

Alternatives to a South Africa Phone Number

Are your US customers having a hard time reaching your South African business? Or are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to your South Africa phone number? If so, a US toll free number might be a solution for your business.

US toll free phone numbers work just like any other phone number that your US customers would dial locally. Your United States customers won't have to worry about finding the right South Africa area code or any of the other hassles that come from dialing a country abroad.

A US toll free number is also a cost-effective option for your business. Usually, these numbers come with calling features like call recording, time of day routing, and call forwarding, so you can easily forward call to that number to any South Africa phone number or device.

Connecting with Customers Worldwide

As a business, it is important to make sure that customers and prospects can easily reach you - no matter where they are located. If customers outside of South Africa don't understand how to dial your business' phone number, you may miss important calls from your existing customers and potential new customers.

You can ensure that your customers know how to reach you by purchasing country-specific toll free phone numbers for each region that you serve. To learn more about international toll free numbers, contact an AVOXI VoIP specialist.