It is important to know how to use call recording to reduce call center cost.  Most call centers are equipped with a variety of popular and important calling features like time-of- routing and call forwarding.  But what about call recording?  Is your call center fully utilizing this feature? There are a number of ways that you can begin getting the most out of this feature.  In this article we’ll discuss how this feature can save you money by discussing how to use call recording to reduce call center costs.

How to Use Call Recording to Reduce Call Center Cost

When you have numerous calls taking place in your call center, it can be hard to track instances where calls are, for any reason, unsuccessful.

With call recording, you can go back and listen to every call that’s taken place on your system.  This means you have the opportunity to listen for callers that have dialed your number on mistake or callers that are waiting on hold for long periods of time but eventually hang up.

Both of these instances would be considered unsuccessful calls because they didn’t reach the person they were intending to.  Regardless of whether a call is successful or not, you’re still charged for per minute usage on these calls.

Save money by monitoring unsuccessful calls

It’s instances like this when call recording can help reduce call center costs.  You should be constantly monitoring and evaluating call recordings for instances where these scenarios are taking place.  After doing that, you'll be able to make a plan in order to solve the problem and eventually help you save money on your per minute costs.

For example, if you see that many customers are holding for long periods of time and then eventually hang up before reaching an agent, make changes to your agents' work schedule and make sure that you have an adequate number of employees to manage all incoming calls.

Listen to recordings for call patterns

In most call centers, you have a script or general outline planned out in order to maximize call success.  Call recording is an important tool to utilize to make sure that these protocols are being followed on every call.

You should schedule time frequently to review as many call recordings as you can.  This allows you to recognize patterns and problems and helps you troubleshoot ways that you can better enhance each customer's experience on a call while also making your call center more efficient.

Save money by training more efficiently

Every minute spent on a call is costing you money.  You’re paying for the minutes spent on the call and the cost of your agents to be on that call.  That’s why every call should be set up for success.

You can do that by taking what you’ve learned from analyzing your call recordings and implementing more efficient protocols.  For instance, if you find that customers are constantly asking the same question over and over, make it part of your script to address those concerns early on.  This will help save your agent's time and reduce the length of your call thus, saving you money.

As you can see, there are many ways to use call recording that you might not have thought about previously.  By implementing the tips above, you'll be well on your way to running a more efficient and cost-effective call center.