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Increase Call Center Efficiency with These 4 VoIP Features


In a busy call center, it’s important to be extremely efficient. Call centers run long and sometimes unusual hours so it’s necessary that you’re achieving maximum productivity without wasting any effort or resources. There are many ways that call centers try to improve their efficiency, especially by utilizing the features highlighted on virtual call center software. In this article we’ll explore that tactic and discuss how to increase call center efficiency with these 4 VoIP features.

Call Recording/Monitoring

Two of the most useful VoIP features that are available on virtual call center software are Call Recording and Call Monitoring. The two, while somewhat different, are tied in with each other because they give you the ability to listen to customer calls.

Call Recording allows you to record and play back calls after they take place. Call Monitoring allows you to listen in on live calls.

These features increase call center efficiency because by allowing you to actually listen to calls, you’re hearing exactly what takes place on a call. From here, you can listen for scenarios where your agents may be struggling with information or may be off-script during a sale. This will allow you to correct their routine so they’re following typical protocol and not wasting any time on the phone so they can quickly solve a customer’s issue or efficiently close a sale.


Reporting is also essential for call center efficiency. The reports you generate on your virtual call center software can give you an inside look into your business. These reports measure a large amount of data including things like average hold time for a customer, your agent’s average time spent on a call and how many times customers are transferred between agents. These reports also show statistics like your peak hours or busiest day of the week.

To increase efficiency, take these reports, study them and make necessary changes in your call center. For example, if you see that you’re understaffed during your peak hours, make scheduling changes. If you see that a customer is being transferred too many times, find out the reason and possibly consider cross-training agents so they can help a customer resolve their issues more quickly. Both of these scenarios are examples of increasing call center efficiency.

Call Scoring

When your agents are on the phone with a customer, you probably have numerous marks that you’re hoping they’ll hit. You want them to be friendly and helpful but you might also want them to follow a script and touch on specific information during that call as well. In order to make the calls more efficient, you’ll have to track these calls and listen for this information. Call Scoring on virtual call center software helps you keep track of their performance on a call.

With Call Scoring, you’re given an efficient way to score an agent’s actions on a call. You can personalize the prompts and information you’re listening in for and then simply listen to the call and mark off the Call Scoring questions as you go. After you’re done, you’ll have a clear understanding of an agent’s performance on the call and you can remind them or train them on the criteria they might have missed.