[Solutions Brief] Two-part Contact Center Solution Provides End-to-end Service

Two-Part Contact Center Solution

Learn how a US-based auto insurance carrier used AVOXI’s affordable, international VOIP service and Smart Queue, a robust contact center platform, to provide premium service to their customers and grow their business.

Founded in 1990, this US-based auto insurance carrier caters to customers in Texas and Florida. Unlike many providers in the industry, the carrier delivers its products through local, independent agents only. This unique approach allows the auto insurance carrier to provide its customers with the level of service one might expect from a larger agency while offering customers the personalized touch of a smaller provider.

The insurance provider needed a two-part solution to offer their own customers premium support: affordable VoIP phone service and a scalable contact center software solution with global call monitoring and reporting capabilities.

At a Glance: The Contact Center Solution

  • 3 call centers
  • 100+ agents year round
  • Customized percentage-based routing
  • Affordable VoIP phone service

Learn how this auto insurance provider found the perfect solution with AVOXI’s affordable international VoIP service and Smart Queue, a browser-based contact center platform.

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Part 1: VoIP Gateway and Voice Service Solution

To provide the level of support that customers might expect from a nationwide auto insurance agency, the carrier needed a reliable call center setup. They chose to use a traditional, on-premise system as the foundation for their first contact center, which housed about 25 – 30 agents.

Since they invested significant capital into their on-premise solution, they needed an affordable VoIP phone service solution. Their current provider was too expensive. And to make matters worse, they did not provide the level of customer service that the agency desired. So, the insurance agency started shopping for alternatives.

But, good service comes at a price. Obtaining the customer service level they expected meant purchasing thousands of dollars of service and equipment.

AVOXI was able to provide the agency with affordable and reliable VoIP service via a VoIP gateway, and the price was definitely right. And, the carrier was pleased to find that AVOXI was just large enough to provide low-cost rates, but also small enough to personalized customer support.

Part 2: Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

As the insurance agency made plans for expansion, they found that their existing, on-premise solution had limitations. In order to open a new branch with their on-premise setup, they would have to go through the installation process all over again. (Not to mention the costs of all new equipment and hardware.)

The insurance provider decided to implement Smart Queue, a browser-based contact center software platform, in their new location. This solution allowed the insurance carrier to remotely manage and monitor their new call center branch. There was no hardware or expensive equipment to purchase, and all that each agent needed to get started was a laptop and a reliable Internet connection.

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