3 Advantages of Voice API for VoIP Resellers

It's an exciting time to be in business VoIP! Enterprises are rushing to migrate their telecom setup to the cloud, and innovations in the space are fast and frequent; Voice API is a great example. VoIP resellers are using simple APIs to automate complex tasks. What is voice API, and how are providers using it to improve their bottom line? Dive in to the details below. 


As we covered in The Big 6 Benefits of Modern SIP Trunking, the world is migrating to cloud communications faster than ever. BPOs, global enterprises, and VoIP resellers are leaning on wholesale voice partnerships to expand their phone number coverage, drive more revenue opportunities, and reduce ownership costs.

The global shift towards unified communications is a shot of energy for the VoIP industry, already leading to faster innovations that benefit resellers, and the customers they serve. Those innovations include simple yet effective phone number APIs, which save countless hours of manual configurations by wholesale voice partners to serve their customers or global employee base.

The Modern VoIP Reseller's Checklist for Success

Apigee, the global thought leader in API, released an interesting report before they were acquired by Google Cloud. The report looked at product trends amongst telecom providers, and we have a hard time disagreeing with their findings! The telecom trends for success outlined in their report include: 

  • All services will be consumed by applications.
  • Applications get their functionality by APIs.
  • The market for services is global.
  • Hosting is moving to the cloud.
  • Telco competition is no longer just other service providers.
  • A huge amount of innovation happens outside your company.
  • The need to differentiate services and appeal to application developers.
  • The need to change technology and business structures.

Source: Apigee

So we know APIs are a bridge to the future, and that APIs are essential for modern voice partnerships to succeed. But why and how are APIs used exactly? In fact, what does voice API even mean?

What is Voice API & How Does It Work?

API, or application programming interface, is a network connection between two software systems. Voice API is a bridge between your software and your voice partner's network. This allows developers to automate tasks like phone number lookup, provisioning, and configuration, as well as embed phone call and messaging functions in your product.

Voice API connects you directly to your VoIP provider's platform, which comes with a host of productivity benefits. Voice API is a catch-all term covering many APIs that perform specific functions, which are made possible by the direct connection VoIP resellers have to their partner's network via API.

That sounds awfully technical, so what does API mean in plain English? Think of APIs like an interpreter who translates a conversation between two speakers of different native languages. But instead of translating a conversation between people, an API is a translator for conversations between technologies. Just like an interpreter, the APIs translate the conversation between two machines one task at a time.

How Virtual Number Resellers are Using Voice API

Enterprise customers and virtual number resellers want to be able to provision and configure numbers from within their own platforms. In days gone by, resellers would have to manually provision phone numbers from multiple carriers and their platform. APIs take the manual work out of it, allowing you to lookup, validate, provision, and configure numbers automatically within your own interface.

Flexible Voice APIs empower businesses to integrate AVOXI’s software-driven communications into their own customer-facing applications and are built to provide immediate access to our massive global inventory, instant number configuration, and more within your preferred interface. 

  • Search & Validate. Search by ISO country code and number type to receive package, subscription, service fee, included minutes, order times, and more.
  • Number Provisioning & Configuration. Provision and configure a single virtual number or several at a time.
  • Compliance & Documentation: Returns documentation requirements, portability, and geographic restrictions associated with the voice service.
  • SMS & Call Recording Configuration. Configure call recording rules and automatically reply to a customer text in SMS format from email while remaining in regulatory compliance.

3 Reasons Virtual Number Resellers Love Voice API

You know what APIs do, but what do virtual phone number resellers expect to achieve with them? Let's start with the most common benefits we here from our reseller partners using our APIs in their business. 

1. Automate the Provisioning & Configuration of Numbers

When we first launched AVOXI Flex, our program for wholesale voice partners and resellers, we did it without APIs. When a partner received an order from their customer, they would have to manually provision the number from our cart and configure it within a separate interface. Now, AVOXI Flex partners use APIs to find, provision, and configure routing & recording settings automatically when a customer orders a number or they provision them to a new office.

2. Expand Your Voice Coverage to the Global Market

Your network coverage is directly linked to your potential sales opportunities. Don't be shackled by your coverage when it can easily become your strength. APIs allow you to connect directly with your wholesale voice service, making their coverage your coverage. Hard-to-find number types create opportunities for higher margins, driving up your profits from multiple angles. Plus, customers and partners are more likely to trust your business when you check the boxes for the markets they care about the most. 

3. Reduce Your Cost of Ownership

APIs are an unbelievable savings tool for voice partners. Not only do you save with superior wholesale rates, you free your service team from the hours often required to provision and configure international phone numbers correctly. APIs allow you to scale to a global market without more headcount or expensive third-party tools, just like we have at AVOXI. 

Finding the Right VoIP Reseller Program for You

Wholesale VoIP providers require flexible communications solutions to drive their business. That’s exactly why we built AVOXI Flex, a global partner program for wholesale voice. We help brands better connect and serve their customers with authentic, reliable voice solutions. Here's what you can expect as a Flex Partner:

  • Expanded Voice Service Portfolio. Partnering with AVOXI allows you to provision phone numbers from 170+ countries in minutes. That includes rare coverage others struggle to obtain, like local numbers in India, Nigeria, the UAE, and many more. 
  • Phone Number Management Made Easy. Manage your voice features and phone numbers, including ones from other carriers, in one intuitive user interface.
  • Scalable API Toolkit. Take advantage of the same APIs AVOXI uses internally to scale our services for our global customer base. Automate the provisioning and configuration of new numbers with Voice API.
  • Dedicated Account Service. In addition to 24/7 follow-the-sun support, AVOXI Flex partners have a dedicated account manager from AVOXI that understands your business model and always watches out for your needs.
  • International Porting Expertise. When other carriers say it can't be done, our world-class porting team finds a way. AVOXI removes stress from the number porting process so you can just enjoy your savings.
  • Wholesale Rates, Superior Voice Quality. Better call quality doesn't have to mean higher telephony rates. Reduce costs and improve your margins with flexible subscriptions and market-leading rates. 

Learn More About AVOXI's Virtual Number Reseller Program

Interested in expanding your business into new markets? AVOXI is the cloud-communication solution of choice for global enterprises and VoIP resellers expanding into new markets. Learn more about partnership opportunities today!