The Big 6 Benefits of SIP Trunking

What are the benefits of SIP trunking that make it the most attractive route to unified communications? We're breaking down 6 main advantages of SIP trunking, including amazing data around productivity, cost reduction, and ROI!

sip trunking benefits and best practices

The Advantages of a Modern SIP Trunk Strategy

The way the world does business changed dramatically in 2020. In the world of communications, one dramatic change was the speed at which organizations are adopting unified communications strategies. For most companies, migrating their communications to the cloud is mission-critical to operate in 2021 and beyond. At least that is what is suggested by data gathered by Twilio; the organization's Digital Engagement Report surveyed over 2,500 companies about their communication plans going forward. Here are 5 interesting facts from the report:  

  • 92% say enabling digital communications was critical or very important in response to the pandemic. 
  • 96% say the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in their organization. 46% said it’s drastically accelerated. 
  • 54% say they have increased focus on omnichannel and 53% have added new channels.
  • Companies in Australia, Germany, Japan, and Singapore accelerated their digital communication strategies by 7 years.
  • Technology, healthcare, and energy companies have been the most aggressive about adopting new communication channels.

Now, how are the companies unifying their communication channels in the cloud? The most common (and reliable) path a unified communications environment is SIP trunking (sometimes called SIP interconnect). SIP refers to the protocol used by your voice service, and "trunk" is a synonym for connection. As more companies implement SIP connections, they discover the benefits of SIP trunking that make it a no-brainer for global enterprises. 

6 Benefits of SIP Trunks That Global Organizations Love

Today we’re breaking down 6 big benefits of SIP trunking in 2021! So why do most organizations implement SIP trunks as part of their cloud communications strategy? Because a great SIP trunk solution will: 

  1. Create a modern path to the cloud for your communication channels. 
  2. Connect the best voice & media services for you to your PBX system.
  3. Manage phone numbers and voice features from multiple carriers in one place.  
  4. Secure your communication channels and ensure business continuity.
  5. Boost productivity across your organization by integrating technologies and automating workflows. 
  6. Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware costs and accessing better international call rates. 

Of course, that sounds great. But how does SIP trunking create those advantages for your organization? 

1. Take the Modern Path to the Cloud

According to Nemertes Research Group, which surveyed over 600 contact centers, BPOs, SMBs, and enterprise organizations in 2019, over half of the participants said their organization already adopted SIP trunking. Among larger organizations (2,500+), 75% already implemented SIP trunks.  That's because SIP trunking has the advantage of being able to easily integrate new communication services into your system without requiring a complete replacement to your current setup. In other words, SIP trunking allows you to upgrade to the cloud at your own pace while avoiding downtime.

2. Connect with Carriers Better Suited for You

Don't get stuck with complacent carriers that aren't perfect for your needs. SIP trunking opens up your platform to connect to the best voice services for your most critical use-cases. Whether you need hard-to-find numbers, faster provisioning, superior call quality, or another service your current carrier(s) can't provide, SIP trunking allows the best services to compete for your business. 

3. Manage Your Numbers in One Place

No matter how many carriers you have, SIP trunking helps unify your connections and control your communication channels from one platform. Interconnect your data centers or create a dedicated SIP trunk for each location. Either way, managing your numbers and call flows from one place saves time and prevents errors. The flexibility of SIP trunking benefits a range of use-cases, and that flexibility is what makes SIP trunking solutions so scalable. 

4. Ensure Business Continuity

Unforeseen circumstances can happen anytime, and the flexibility SIP trunks provide are excellent for disaster recovery. There is less risk of downtime due to damage to your physical lines or infrastructure, and you can switch to failover routing options in the blink of an eye! You can add additional layers of security by choosing a reliable SIP trunk provider, preferably one with a certified SBC for protection against fraudulent activity and security threats. SIP trunks minimize security threats and ensure your organization stays operational and productive through any eventuality. 

5. Improve Productivity Across Your Organization

The productivity benefits of a unified communications setup come from multiple directions. The ability to manage all numbers in one place rather than coordinating between several carriers, as well as instant-provisioning of new numbers, condenses tasks that once took days into minutes. Integrating your tech stack boosts agent productivity with workflow automation, contextual screen pop during calls, priority routing options, and much more. 

6. Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

The cost-saving benefits of SIP are well documented; One particularly robust study from Nemertes found that organizations that implemented SIP trunking reduced telecom costs by an average of 16.1%. Meanwhile, the average total cost of communications for these companies dropped by 39%! Savings were attributed to eliminating capital costs from physical phone lines, consolidating technologies, and reduced call rates. AVOXI's SIP trunk offer builds on this by removing setup fees, porting costs, and minimum contracts from the equation. Our platform makes it easy to pay for what you use and nothing else with flexible pricing plans. 

A Modern Platform for Secure, Reliable SIP Interconnects

The advantages that SIP provides in your organization's contact centers depend on the quality of the service you choose. Flexible solutions like SIP trunking allow for a wide range of providers in the market that cater to specific use-cases and areas of operation. For example, the key benefits of SIP trunking on the AVOXI platform include: 

  • Secure, reliable SIP connections. No matter where you do business, expect carrier-grade reliability, security against fraud, and 24/7/365 support.
  • Global coverage. Activate inbound numbers from 170+ countries in minutes, including hard-to-find number types like local DIDs in India and the UAE. 
  • Local presence dialing. Boost your answer rates connecting directly to local networks in 20+ countries, ensuring your caller ID shows a local area code to your prospect. 
  • World-class number porting team. Our international number porting experts are able to transfer numbers in regions where most providers are hit-or-miss. How much could you save with lower international rates? 
  • Over-the-top connectivity. Our platform works over the top of virtually any PBX system, including popular solutions like Microsoft Teams. Take advantage of world-class voice service no matter what platform you're using. 

See What SIP Trunking Looks Like for Your Organization

Interested in taking advantage of SIP connectivity? One of our experts will be happy to help you discover what SIP trunking looks like for your organizational needs.