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Upgrading an outdated Call Center to a VoIP Call Center platform lets you take advantage of cloud technology while reducing monthly costs! As the provider of some of the most affordable VoIP call center software anywhere, we are all about cost-efficiency.

What Are the Cost Factors for a VoIP Call Center?

VoIP Call Centers run entirely over the Internet. That is an immediate savings as it means a physical Call Center location isn’t technically necessary. It makes it easier to explore options for small multi-locations or remote agents. The big benefits are that a virtual or VoIP Call Center platform does not require system hardware or dedicated resources to manage ongoing maintenance and updates.

VoIP Call Center solutions minimize your upfront costs and offer business-class calling features typically featuring lower call rates than traditional on-premise setups. Your VoIP provider maintains your VoIP Call Center. That means the provider handles everything from the actual VoIP Call Center software to equipment maintenance. Because of this, starting your VoIP Call Center is inexpensive and stress-free!

For setup, you require a high-speed Internet connection, desktop or laptop computers, softphones, and headsets. Depending on your provider, other configurations are possible if you need to integrate with legacy equipment and systems.


What Does a VoIP Call Center Solution Cost?

VoIP Call Center software prices vary depending on which VoIP provider you choose and the pricing options or tiers available.

Per Agent Fees

Most providers charge a fee per agent (also known as an extension or seat) for access to their VoIP Call Center Software. Examples include:

Calling Features

Monthly prices also vary based on the calling features you request such as calling recording, call forwarding and time of day routing. Some VoIP providers charge per feature and others bundle the features together. The entry level plans usually have limited call features, while medium ranged plans include standard features such as call forwarding and call monitoring. Advanced features are usually only available on the more expensive plans, although this is not guaranteed as some providers charge additional fees per feature.

  • Keep in mind, a lot of VoIP providers offer tiered pricing. That means to expect fewer calling features the lower the monthly price.

Zendesk Suite is an example:

VoIP Call Center Cost - Zendesk

  • On average, the price per agent per month among top VoIP Call Center providers is anywhere from $45 - $300.

Calling Rates

You’ll also be responsible for the cost of each inbound and outbound minute that your agents talk. The cost per minute varies based on where your call originates and terminates. Those costs also by the VoIP provideryou select.

  • On average, calls cost a few cents per minute. Ask your VoIP provider for their rate sheet to get a more accurate price.
  • Minute bundles are available from some providers—allowing you to package your call center solution with a cost-effective rate per minute plan.
  • Some call center providers offer unlimited plans bundling unlimited call minutes with a per seat fee. Unlimited minutes generally are subject to fair use policies to mitigate abuse and fraud.

Setting Up a VoIP Call Center

Whether you are just starting up a call center or are considering switching your current call center system to a VoIP Call Centre system, it’s vital you understand the costs involved and how the various providers compare. While a cheaper provider is always an attractive option, it’s generally wiser to choose a reputable, established provider who offers reliable and experience customer service and technical support.

As you assess your specific business requirements, key factors to keep in mind during your decision-making process are:

  • Identify start-up costs and determine if those costs are recoverable through reduced monthly expenditure.
  • Consider fixed monthly costs and which of the various provider options best suits your company needs.
  • Determine what calling features your company needs to be a cost-effective, efficient call center.

VoIP Call Center platforms provide flexibility and mobility, along with significant cost benefits. Don’t let your current call center technology limit your growth. Explore your options. Compare providers. Leverage the advantages of cloud technology.

Talk to a VoIP specialist to discuss your specific requirements and learn more about our line of products!

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