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How Much Does a VoIP Call Center Cost?

VoIP Call Centers are an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional Call Centers. Find out how much you’ll really save.

As cloud technology expands, so does the popularity of VoIP Call Centers. VoIP Call Centers run entirely over the Internet, which means that a physical Call Center location isn’t necessary.

VoIP Call Centers are an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional Call Centers, which require a number of start-up, equipment, tenancy and agent costs.

Your VoIP provider maintains your VoIP Call Center. That means they handle everything from the actual VoIP Call Center software to equipment maintenance. Because of this, starting your VoIP Call Center is inexpensive and stress-free!

VoIP Call Center software is priced differently depending on which VoIP provider you choose.

  • Most providers charge a fee per agent (also known as an extension or seat) for access to their VoIP Call Center Software.
  • You should expect the monthly price to change depending on which calling features you request such as calling recording, call forwarding and time of day routing. Some VoIP providers charge per feature and others bundle the features together.
    • Keep in mind, a lot of VoIP providers offer tiered pricing. That means that the lower the monthly price, the fewer calling features you should expect.
    • On average, the price per agent per month is anywhere from $50-$300.

You’ll also be responsible for the cost of each inbound and outbound minute that your agents talk. The cost per minute varies based on where your call originates and terminates. Pricing between VoIP providers also varies.

  • On average, calls cost a few cents per minute. Ask your VoIP provider for their rate sheet to get a more accurate price.

Equipment wise, you’ll need to make sure each of your Call Center agents have a computer with internet access and a headset that is compatible with the softphone, or telephone software program, that they’ll use. Make sure to account for these costs when planning your VoIP Call Center.

Whether you’re new to the Call Center industry or you’re looking to make the switch to a virtual solution, its important to understand the costs associated with each aspect of a VoIP Call Center. With the help of an experienced VoIP provider, getting your Call Center up and running will be hassle-free, inexpensive and as easy as ever.

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