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Why the Cloud Is Better than Your Current Call Center Solution

With more and more call centers making the switch to the Cloud, those using an on-premise solution are left asking, “why?” Whether you’re starting your first call center or are considering the switch to a Cloud solution, you’ll find that there are numerous advantages to leaving on-premise technology behind.

In this article, we’ll talk about four areas where a Cloud-based call center will improve your business.

The Cloud saves you money

The main advantage to the Cloud is the obvious cost reduction you’ll experience. For new call centers, you’ll notice that your start-up fees are considerably cheaper. Since your Cloud software provider hosts all your equipment, you won’t need to purchase hardware, software or pay for any large capital investment. Because of this, you also won’t have to pay for maintenance of the equipment or for an employee to manage the system.

Since your call center software is paid for by a subscription, you also have a predictable monthly bill. Unlike a traditional call center that needs constant upgrades and often has unforeseen costs, your Cloud-based service provider simply charges a consistent monthly fee for each agent that’s active on your system.

Easier scalability

With a traditional call center, adding a new employee means that you’ll have to purchase new equipment for them to use, wire it to your system and constantly maintain it. In a Cloud-based call center, you simply ask your provider for an extra “seat” and they create an account for your new employee. You simply pay an extra fee each month for them to be part of the service.

One unified system

Arguable the most efficient part of a Cloud-based call center is the fact that all of your communications are unified and connected. No more sorting between different providers and purchasing different branded equipment. With the Cloud, you have a one-stop-shop for your business-wide communication.


Unlike a traditional call center where each of your agents must work in the same location, a Cloud-based call center gives you the flexibility to work remotely. Cloud-based software runs entirely over the Internet so you and your agents have the option of working anywhere that has a connection.

Your hiring process is also impacted with the Cloud. Since your employees have the ability to work anywhere, you can hire employees around the world. This gives you the ability to hire the best candidate for the job, regardless of where they live.

As you can see, the Cloud transforms the way your call center works. Besides the numerous advantages we’ve mentioned above, you’ll find that your call center will run more smoothly and more efficiently on a Cloud system. If you’re ready to make the switch, take the next step and talk to your provider.