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International Calling

Reach customers worldwide with affordable international calling rates.

Reach customers worldwide with affordable international calling rates.

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Take a Closer Look at International Calling

Does your business make calls internationally? Traditional phone systems charge premium rates to connect with your global customers. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology lets you take advantage of calls made over the Internet at much reduced rates.

“We cut our costs by probably 75-85 percent immediately,” says Leo Lumacang, IT Manager, Grace Bay Club

With AVOXI’s International Toll Free Numbers and Local Numbers, you also gain access to AVOXI Core, our cloud PBX system, to manage your numbers and business-class phone features through our online portal. VoIP transforms call processing for international calls.

It's simple.

International phone calls use VoIP to deliver voice sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. The analog voice signal converts to digital. Once encoded and packetized, it transmits as an IP packet over a network. When received, the reverse order delivers the original voice stream. What’s the benefit? Seamless communication without the need for traditional phone lines. It’s as easy as browsing on the Web.

An added benefit is that you and your employees can work remotely by accessing the system through a web browser. Plus, as your business expands, readily add new extensions or users to your VoIP solutions.

It's effective.

If your customers or your prospective customers are global, VoIP international calls enable you to reach them no matter where your office is. Easily present a local presence to your target market with the power of cloud communications.

Need to leverage VoIP international calls, but you still have a legacy PBX system in place? Not a problem. Simply add AVOXI’s VoIP Gateway solution connected to your company’s on-premise equipment. The gateway lets you connect your communications platform to the cloud and benefit from VoIP services and savings.

It's affordable.

AVOXI maintains relationships with carriers around the globe to offer the most competitive rates for the best voice quality service. Additionally, special bundles for international numbers and associated minutes help save even more. Plus, the monthly billing is predictable—you always know what your bill will be, and it’s easy to maintain your budget.

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