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VPN Solutions for Cloud Security

Address cloud communications security concerns with VPN solutions.


Efficient and cost-effective, the benefits of cloud communications using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow businesses to take advantage of affordable and flexible voice service globally. A common concern is the security of communications via the cloud. And some organizations require additional security for call and data transmission over the Internet. AVOXI’s solution sets incorporate security essentials to address those concerns.

It's simple.

AVOXI addresses security concerns with set protocols and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions:

  • AVOXI’s infrastructure creates a perfect balance between security and stability with clustered firewalls.
  • Intrusion prevention systems monitor the number of sessions and conduct load analysis in case of threshold overload signifying a threat.
  • Traffic analysis procedures inspect and audit all packages to prevent and stop intrusions or penetration attempts to AVOXI equipment and services—protecting customer information and finances.
  • Data encryption with VPN solutions add an additional layer of security when required.

It's effective.

AVOXI incorporates additional processes to protect customers’ call processing and transmissions across the Internet. And for those clients requiring additional security, AVOXI’s VPN solutions use an encrypted path (tunnel) from our network to our customer’s site through the public Internet. This allows safe and secure data transmission using an encrypted connection.

Companies often seek VPN solutions to address specific needs and to leverage the benefits of additional security to:

  • Work with multiple freelancers or contractors
  • Communicate securely between multi-office locations
  • Connect remote employees to internal systems securely
  • Encrypt highly sensitive information transmitted via the cloud

VPN solutions allow companies to safely and securely transmit data while gaining the flexibility and affordability of using cloud communications.

It's affordable.

Generally, there is a minimal setup fee and nominal monthly management fee for each location or VPN link. Customers provide their own end point termination device—no additional hardware or software charges apply.

Whether interested in a site-to-site VPN solution or remote access VPN solution, your AVOXI representative walks you through the technical specifications and requirements to address your specific needs. That results in your connection allowing you to have the additional security of encryption while leveraging VoIP for a full-featured telephone system and services over the Internet.

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