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Solutions for Insurance

In the insurance business, you need to be prepared for anything. AVOXI's secure and reliable VoIP solutions give you the tools you need to achieve seamless communications in every situation.


Cloud-based Communications Solutions for Insurance

Handling claims, communicating with customers, and facilitating local and long-distance calls are just a few of the things that your insurance agency does on a daily basis. Whether it’s business as usual or an emergency, your insurance agency needs secure and seamless communications solution that grows and evolves with your business.

And with AVOXI’s comprehensive cloud communications suite, you can rest easy knowing that your business has the tools to handle any situation for a fraction of the cost of traditional, on-premise solutions. Because AVOXI’s solutions are cloud-based, your communications solution grows with your business. No matter how many agents or call center locations you have, AVOXI can keep them connected.

AVOXI’s VoIP solutions for insurance can also be integrated with legacy PBX technology, allowing your business to protect the investment you made in existing infrastructure while leveraging affordable VoIP communications.

Why AVOXI for Insurance?

“10 out of 10 rating. Extremely likely to recommend the AVOXI team”

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No Missed Calls

AVOXI’s business phone system and call center solutions allow you to forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world. Change call forwarding rules instantly through our intuitive, web-based Online Portal.

Leverage Legacy Equipment

Using legacy communications technology? No problem. With SIP trunking and VoIP gateway technology, AVOXI helps your business leverage existing technology and integrate advanced communications solutions.

Unify Remote and On-site Agents

AVOXI’s VoIP call center solutions keep agents connected, no matter where they are located. As a supervisor, you can even listen to agent calls live with our powerful, web-based call center solution.

Scale with Ease

Cloud-based communication solutions make it easy to scale your business. No new hardware or equipment is required, so turn-up is quick and affordable.

Two-part Solution Provides End-to-end Service for Insurance Agency

"AVOXI was able to provide this US-based auto insurance provider with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, from affordable VoIP call delivery to scalable, cloud-based contact center software – all for a fraction of the cost of what their former provider charged."

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