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Outbound Call Center Solutions


Both inbound and outbound call centers have similar needs to manage call center agents and the overall quality of calls and call outcomes. In an outbound call center, agents or automated dialers make calls to prospects, survey respondents, and other telemarketing and telecasting functions. Specific features and tools available in a call center solution help manage call functions and agents to ensure effective call campaigns. The added benefits to using a virtual call center platform such as AVOXI’s Smart Queue, are ease of setup, scalability, and affordability.

Key Features Drive Outbound Call Center Productivity

Just as with inbound call centers, agent management is vital to the efficient operations of an outbound call center. The features and tools to assess agents and call metrics help confirm calls dialed, frequency of dials, talk time, call completion, and other key metrics. Smart Queue provides key features that provide management visibility into its operations and performance.

Quality Assurance Tracking

Enables supervisors to perform QA evaluations track agent performance and identify training gaps.

Live Call Monitoring

Allows supervisors to listen to agent calls to coach, train, or interject information with two features: call whisper and call barge.

Call Recording

Recorded calls facilitate agent training and guidance for handling difficult call engagements.

Real Time and Historical Reporting

Reporting functions provide the metrics that evaluate agents and information about call campaigns to determine overall success.

Add-on Dialer Feature Provides Additional Functions and Benefits

The AVOXI Dialer is an outbound calling feature that works with Smart Queue. The Dialer lets you set up multiple outbound dialing solutions and campaigns for automatic call functions. Using the Dialer, you can conduct Preview, Progressive, and Predictive dialing while customizing and automating specific actions.


Broadcast a single message to a specific list for automated warning systems, event cancellations, and number verification services, etc.


Automatically dial customers from a specific list for appointment reminders or cancellations, subscription expirations and renewals, debt tracking and collection, and product offerings and promotions.

Automated Interview

Call to specific list for surveys and capture completed survey data for service satisfaction interviews, quality assessment surveys, and polls.

Cloud Solutions for Outbound Call Centers

AVOXI’s Smart Queue provides a rich feature set including a dialer add-on with its virtual call center software. The added benefits are the flexibility and scalability of using a cloud-based solution. It’s easy to scale according to your business needs—just add agents or adjust campaigns as required with no headache and no hardware costs.

Equally important to your outbound call center solution is using a local number so your customers or contacts feel more comfortable taking your call. A local phone number (DID) from AVOXI looks like it is from where your customers live and establishes a regional presence.

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