Call Routing

Intelligent call routing to the right expert.

Speed up resolutions, reduce wait times and optimize workflows that elevate customer experience.




Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Custom Call


Automated Call Distribution

Push Your Customer Experience Into Overdrive With Call Routing

Skills-Based Routing

Crush your customer service goals.

Elevate customer satisfaction

Delight your customers and accelerate resolutions by matching them with the agents best-suited for their needs with desired tags, including spoken language, department, industry and more.

Increase team productivity

Leverage your business tool integrations to automate workflows, gather information and reduce handle times for better performance.

Prioritize VIP callers

Give your most loyal customers the VIP treatment. Priority routing allows them to bypass long queues and quickly connect with the first available agent.


Custom Call Queueing

Keep your call queues on point.

Manage call queues

Use custom ring strategies, such as round-robin or least-used, to forward inbound calls to agent queues with specific attributes and reduce queue load on the high-performers.

Intuitive dashboard

Quickly set up and manage cloud queueing, hold messaging, agent status, routing and self-service prompts directly from the platform.

Maximize engagement

Cut wait time and engage callers with intelligent call routing services including: skills-based routing, queue callback, international IVR and more.

Queue Callback

Leave on-hold behind.

Empower with choice

Customers can save their place in the call queue with a virtual hold that allows them to receive a call back when an agent becomes available.

Everybody wins

Giving customers a call back option satisfies those who don’t want to wait in line, allowing them to keep their spot as they virtually move through the queue.

Top-notch service

Save your customers’ time, reduce abandonment rates, prioritize agent workloads and watch satisfaction metrics soar.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Your customer experience engine.

Serve customers quickly

Route callers to the right place, the first time. ACD routing connects customers to a representative who is most qualified to handle their requests.

Define, analyze, refine

Drill down into patterns, trends and scores to see how well your contact center call routing strategy is working - using those insights to continually improve your phone system setup.

Create better experiences

Give customers the power to self-serve. And if agent help is required, our sophisticated ACD technology works in tandem with customer experience tools to get them there.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Tailor your self-service menu to your callers’ needs.

Personalize navigation

Deliver more personalization through customized greetings, ring strategies and self-guided intelligent IVR menus.

Build agent success

Lower inbound call transfer rates and wait times to improve performance when you combine your IVR and ACD systems.

Reduce costs

Quickly set up, scale and lower your cost-per-call with advanced routing solutions designed to eliminate hardware resources.


Expand Almost Anywhere With Enterprise Voice Services


Be local anywhere

Go where your customers take you. See how our enterprise voice solution brings local and international telecom within reach.

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