Instantly add virtual phone numbers without adding a new phone system.


See how AVOXI does it. Our consultative approach and customizable phone features allow you to implement a tailored call experience that’s the perfect fit for your business. And the AVOXI platform provides visibility to learn as your business grows, all at a cost-effective price point.

Virtual Number Features

Every virtual number package comes with over 20 advanced features at no additional cost.

How it Works

Our global virtual numbers make it easy for your customers to reach you from anywhere in the world.


We've been around for nearly 20 years and have one of the largest virtual number inventories. Plus, we have 24/7 support.

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Why AVOXI and why now?

Expand your business reach without expanding your budget. With over 2,500 locations on more than 160 countries, AVOXI flows seamlessly with your current phone system wherever you want to have a presence:

• Purchase virtual numbers immediately, get up and running in hours, and begin to adjust your call features to serve your needs

• With no minimum contracts, no set-up or cancellation fees, you’re in control

• We’ll customize your call experience, and we’ll be there to help you perfect it

• The AVOXI platform includes access that gives visibility into call traffic, as well as ongoing 24/7 support with a dedicated account manager